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This tutorial blog will exhibit you how to collect data for monitoring competitor’s PPC data for free on Amazon using X-Byte Enterprise Crawling. With Amazon’s Search Result Crawler, we would scrape products and pricing products data like Search result ranking, Organic/Sponsored results, and Product name, frequently bought together, ASIN, Pricing, etc.

These are the Steps of Monitoring Competitor’s PPC Data

  • Create X-Byte Enterprise Crawling’s account
  • Choose Amazon’s Search Result Crawler
  • Enter a listing of input’s URLs
  • Run a scraper as well as download data

X-Byte has in-built scrapers, which in addition to extracting pricing data from e-commerce sites can extract Real Estate, extract Google, Job data, Social Media, and more. Data scraping using X-Byte is easy because the scrapers are cloud-based so you should not worry about choosing the fields to get scraped nor download software. The data could be accessed at any time from any browser. You may also get data delivered straight into your Dropbox.

How to Extract Sponsored Products Data from Amazon?

The X-Byte’s Amazon Search Result Crawler is very easy-to-use as well as can assist you in collecting e-commerce data in minutes. Amazon’s Search Results Scraper can extract the product’s name, price, FBA, ASIN, sponsored products, description, bestselling ranks, as well as 20 other data points from Amazon’s Search Results pages.

The scraper can also extract product details that advertise on the product page. A crawler will allow you to collect products in a frequently bought together segment of the individual products also.

X-Byte Enterprise Crawling has many crawlers to extract data from Amazon including Product Details, Bestsellers’ List, and Product Ratings and Reviews.

1. Make an X-Byte Enterprise Crawling Account for Using Amazon’s Search Result Crawler

Before using a scraper in X-Byte, you need to create an account.

To sign up, visit https://cloud.xbyte.io/accounts/login/ and make an account using your email id.

Every account helps you test the regular crawler by permitting you of scraping 25 pages free before you subscribe. Here, we have given a detailed clarification on how to utilize Amazon’s Search Results crawlers accessible in X-Byte.

2. Adding Amazon’s Search Results Scraper into Your Account and Give Inputs

Initially, add an Amazon Search Result Crawler to your X-Byte account. To find the input, visit Amazon.com as well as search for products that you are searching for.

The crawler accepts different kinds of inputs including search or category, product’s name, UPC, ISBN, GTIN, EAN, keyword, and Part Number.

For this tutorial, we searched for the keyword ‘AA batteries’ on Amazon.com.

Sponsored Products’ ads are visible in two different locations on Amazon – inside search results (given in the image above) as well as on Amazon’s product information pages as a part of the ad carousel near to the top of this page. It helps advertisers in promoting individual products in Amazon search results as well as on product detail pages.

You can observe that on a listing page in case, a product gets sponsored then it would be meant as ‘Sponsored’ above a product description.

We would copy a search page URL to offer it as an input to Amazon’s scraper. Just give an example of search results URL:


Amazon’s Search Result Crawler will accept the search result URLs. With the main crawler, the page clicks with the input tab. You may paste the input URLs in each URL separated by a new line (You need to press Enter or return key). When entering all search URLs, you may also choose total pages for a crawler to extract as given in the below screenshot.

Note: For the crawler, you need to get the option of offering search keywords or search result URLs as an input.

In case, you offer the listing of searching URLs that filters ‘brand’ as well as ‘domain’ won’t work.

In case, you offer the listing of search keywords, they would only get scraped in case, you have given no searching URLs. You may also filter the search by adding the brand or different brands at one time.

Running Amazon’s Search Result Crawlers

After saving scrapers’ input settings, choose Collect Data or Start Collecting Data for running a scraper.

Note: The images given here to show a scraper in the Start mode as well as Run mode. If in the running mode, a scraper could be paused by hitting the Stop button. A free version permits you to extract merely 25 pages. You may also subscribe to X-Byte’s plan for scraping Amazon data.

Downloading Amazon’s Sponsored Products Data

When the job gets completed, you may choose View Data as well as Download Data. Then the data is accessible in JSON, Excel, or CSV format.

An example given here is extracted Amazon data to be downloaded in a CSV format.

Here, a column is given that signified as the ‘Is Sponsored’. In case, a specific brand is advertising products on Amazon’s listing page after that the field might be TRUE. Then you also provide the alternative to scheduling an e-commerce scraper for running on the regular intervals, permitting you to observe for newer and sponsored products.

Discover Your Competitors’ PPC Ads on Amazon

In 2020, Amazon’s part of the USA’s digital ad markets surpassed 10%. Amazon’s PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising has produced a very powerful Amazon marketing channel. Running Amazon’s PPC ads allows the sellers as well as vendors to purchase product visibility at top of the Amazon’s results pages. In case, you do not get a well-defined Amazon’s PPC strategy, this may become hard to achieve marketing objectives on Amazon. Any enterprise-grade service provider like X-Byte would help you get clean and well-structured data feeds within the preferred format as well as get them provided on the custom schedule. X-Byte may also send customized alerts using emails whenever the sponsored products arise as well as when the competitors’ products’ prices change.

X-Byte’s Amazon Scraper is a way of scraping PPC data. In case, you want to monitor competitors’ PPC data from more e-commerce sites, or might like data having more attributes and data fields, then X-Byte can make a customized data solution as well as assist you in getting started.

For more visit: https://www.xbyte.io/


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