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Samsung Galaxy S20 has the best display in the market. It has a 120Hz refreshing rate, great display colour, amazing sensitivity, and many more features. The numbers of display features are huge, and among various types of features, one of the best features is “Always On Display.” Well, this feature shows the notification on display even if the display is off. Users don’t have to pick the phone and turn on the light to check the display. 

There are already various types of features available for every user. The best thing you can do is explore the features and turn them on if they are useful. Some features enhance the battery capacity, and some features improve the productivity of the device. The Internet consumes so much battery, and also it provides the necessary information to the user. So if you use the Always On Display feature, you can save your battery. You don’t have to unlock your device to access the message or to check the notification. 

How to Enable Always On Display 

Before using this feature, it is mandatory to enable it first. Setting up this feature is easy, along with it, there are more utility features available in it that can be used.

  1. Launch “Settings.”
    1. Click on the “Lock Screen” option.
      1. Toggle On to enable the “Always On Display” option.
  2. After you enable this feature, you can enter into more settings options. In the settings options, you can add more idle sections that you want to see on display. Always On Display feature is mainly for power saving, and truly, it saves a lot of battery. It is because every selected app’s notification will be shown on the display even if it is off. The consumption of the battery will be lower than usual.

  3. You can customize the music information, clock status on display. There are dozens of unique shapes and sizes of clocks available to show in the display. This type of feature is the most underrated feature, and that is why no brand ever focuses on these features. In the flagship devices, battery consumption is high, so to manage the battery more conveniently, Always On Display is perfect. 

  4. Samsung Galaxy S20 has on the display fingerprint sensor, so even if you are using Always On Display, the fingerprint sensor will always be active. Just like always, it will detect the finger scanning and unlock the device for the right user. In the flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S20, the possibilities of features are so wide. You can explore so many unique features that are important for you, but you never see them. So in this condition, the more you explore the device, the more you will see valuable features.

  5. Final Words

  6. The benefit of this specific feature is that it will save your device from draining the battery. You don’t have to unlock your device to view the notification, music, or the clock. All these things will be shown on a dark display. 

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  8. Source :- https://myproductactivate.com/how-to-do-so-much-with-samsung-galaxy-s20-always-on-display/


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