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Google Maps is such an essential navigation tool for the digital world. Using Google Maps, users can find the correct route, distance, and time to reach their destination. For a long time, it was only available for online users, but now users can use it offline. Google Maps are by-default installed on Android devices, but iPhone users have to install it from the App Store to use it. Just like Android users, iPhone users can also use it offline.

When a user is not connected to the internet, they usually face problems while finding the right route to reach their destination. Even while traveling on public transport, Google Maps is really important. Like Google, Apple also has its map, but it doesn’t provide a downloaded office map service. Indeed, every user can’t be connected to the internet all the time, so to avoid these types of problems, Google developed a download offline maps service in Google Maps. So if anyone finds this feature helpful and willing to know how to use it properly, here’s the guide for them. 

How to Download Offline Maps in Google Maps for iPhone

Downloading Google Maps is an exciting feature, but before using this feature, there’s essential information that every user should be aware of. Users cannot download the complete map of the world. Users can only download the routes of certain areas. Keep this thing in mind and follow the details to get started:

  • Open Google Maps on your iPhone and log in to your Google Account. 
  • Tap on the Google Profile image placed on the top right corner of the display.
  • The settings tab will open and click on Offline Maps for the next step.
  • In the following section, users will see a recommended map to download based on their location.
  • If anyone wants to download their preferred location, they need to choose “Select Your Own Map.”
  • Now choose the location on the map to download by moving the square. Once choosed the area, press “Download.”
  • The size of the selected map will appear on the screen, and it will take some time to download if the size of the map is huge.
  • Press the Pencil icon to rename the map.
  • Once the downloading completes, the downloaded map will appear in the offline maps tab.
  • Tap on the three dots to update or delete the map.

So this is everything users have to do to download the offline maps on the iPhone.

Once the offline map is ready, there’s no need to worry if the connection is lost or becomes slow. Google maps will always show the right direction using the offline maps that have been downloaded to the iPhone.

The good thing here for the users is that they can download multiple areas by following the steps mentioned above. While downloading the map, there will be an expiry date. Once downloaded, an offline map can be used for at least one year, and after that, users have to download it again to use it. 

The offline maps will only provide directions, so if anyone wants to find a new location, they will need to have an internet connection for it. The offline map will not provide information about alternative routes and traffic details unless the user is connected to the internet. 


Offline Google Maps is essential in some situations, but it doesn’t provide several features of online maps. Indeed, it could be tough, but getting the right route information with no internet connection is still a smart move by Google. Users can download the offline map of any area, and it will remain downloaded for one year.

Source  :-  https://webnroot.citywikia.com/how-to-download-googles-offline-maps-on-iphone/


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