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How to Download YIFY Subtitles and Add YIFY SRT to Movie

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Subtitles and captions provide the dialogue of the content you are watching, either translating or transcribing it. They are useful for those who have difficulty hearing, different languages are spoken, who want to be more engaged with their content, and for many more reasons. If you have TV shows and movies without subtitles, you can easily download and enable them as you watch your media.

Websites like SubDB and OpenSubtitles are great places to find subtitles for your favourite movies and TV shows. In this guide, we'll show you how to download subtitles from these sites and enable them in your media player.

How to Download YIFY Subtitles?

1st.  Visit the Yify website

You'll want to start by visiting the Yify subtitles to access their wide selection of movies.

The homepage should look like the image below.

2nd.   Search movie

Once you're there, take some time to browse through their collection and see if anything catches your eye. If you're not sure where to start, they have a handy search bar that can help you locate specific titles. Type in the keywords of the movie you want to watch and press enter on your keyboard.

3rd.   Click on the Movie link that appears in the search results

In the subtitles section, you'll find the download links for the subtitles (which are available in multiple languages).

4th.    Download the subtitles

Click the download link for the chosen language of the subtitle, which will re-direct you to the download page. Click the download link for the subtitle, and the files will begin downloading. Check your download folder when the files have finished downloading.

We've provided you with a guide on how to download YIFY subtitles. Now, let's move on to how you can add them to your movies.

How to Add YIFY SRT to a Movie?

Subtitles can improve your comprehension, engagement, and understanding of a video or movie. They can also be helpful if you have poor hearing. If your videos or movies don't have subtitles, you can download them from YIFY Subtitles or other top subtitle websites. Then, you can import them directly during playback with Leawo Free Blu-ray Player.

There are many reasons why you should use Leawo Blu-ray Player for all your playback needs. First, it is very easy to add YIFY subtitles to movies during playback. Second, the player has excellent image and sound quality. Third, it supports a wide range of media formats. Fourth, it is very user-friendly. Fifth, it is available for free.

Now that we have given you a few reasons why you should use Leawo Blu-ray Player, we will show you how to add YIFY subtitles to movies during playback:

1st.  Load your DVD on your computer’s disk drive

To start playing a video or audio file using Leawo Blu-ray Player, simply click the “Open File” button and select the file you wish to play. You can also insert a DVD into the disc drive and click on the disc name to begin playback. All of your media files will be displayed in the playlist.

2nd.   Import the YIFY subtitles

After you have imported your media, the software should begin playback automatically. To play subtitles during movie or video playback, hover your mouse over the Title Area and click on the “Subtitles” icon from the 4 available options. Click ‘Browse for subtitles…' under the ‘Subtitles-settings' panel to import them.

3rd.  Adjust the DVD video settings

You can enter the ‘Video-Settings' panel by moving your mouse over to the top left corner or right-clicking on the main interface and selecting the “Videos” option. The options that are available in this panel include video cropping, post-processing, view mode, and zooming.

4th.  Adjust your DVD audio settings

To enter the ‘Audio-Settings' panel, move your mouse over to the top left corner or right-click on the interface and select the “Audios” option. The options available in this panel include audio volume, amplification, offset, stream, output device, etc.

Leawo Free Blu-ray Player is one of the most popular and best-rated media players on the market. In this video guide, we'll show you how to use it to play your favourite Blu-ray and DVD movies.



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