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How to earn 60 ish an hour helping people online.

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How to earn 60 ish an hour helping people online. More and more people are socialising online. Very often they say the people they chat to there are their friends, even if they have never met them and never will. I signed up on face book recently and was amazed to find that if you joined the relationship groups to chat about relationships 95% of the posts were from scammers, insisting that they had been helped by Dr Oogyksy from India who brought their lover back to them and reunited them, and he can do this for you too if you contact him at Instagram or whever and pay him masses of money. Hardly genuine posts or groups!

There are now lots of chat rooms which are supposedly for anyone to chat to anyone but most of these are full of men who want to send private messages to women nagging them to talk about sex, go on web cam or skype or meet up for sex. I went into a chat room posing as a twenty year old student and was inundated with offers to meet men of sixty plus who were married. They turned incredibly nasty when I would not give them my address or phone number or invite them around. The really generous ones would say well I will take you out and you you two drinks first before we have sex. Wow. Of course, in the real world if an old married man wanted to meet a woman a third of his age it would cost him a fortune and most of these young women would refuse to met them altogether because they could get plenty of customers who were much younger and nicer.

So it should be no surprise that there is a huge gap in the market for the professional friend. The person who is there for you to chat to or be with when there is nobody else who fits the bill or is interested. Of course a friend would be someone you talk to, maybe use as a listening ear, enjoy the company of, nothing to do with sex. But it is becoming more and more popular. More and more people are looking for someone as this sort of friend. And finding it hard to find them. Where do you get a new friend from? And how long would it take you to find one that suits you?

As a mature woman I've been to clubs seeking friends and most of those clubs are full of women twenty or thirty years older than me. Many of them can barely stand up and walk about and never speak. Others are a bit more fit and able but seem to want to collar me assuming that I will go round theirs to clean out their fridge or hoover their carpet or go to the shops with them to carry the basket and help them at the till. That is not friendship. There are plenty of people who do that sort of thing as their paid job and they can hire them, but they don't want to pay for it, so they try to get someone to do it free.

It's not the sort of thing a professional friend would do. The professional friend is not a carer, they don't do housework or helping with physical things. They are an emotional bond. But people can be incredibly selfish. They think I want this and that and project that to a stranger they just met and assume the stranger should be willing. Here is a great example.

During my years of working as a professional agony aunt I've had a lot of male clients come to me saying they need advice about this….. they've paid a woman for sex a few times, it was great, they really enjoyed it, it made a nice change from going without or making do with wife, so now they want to date her. They call it dating but it isn't because it's all about sex and they are often married. They want to see her without paying. And, guess what, they cannot understand why she does not agree! Really? Sometimes they tell her they love her and think she should say ok I love you too, from now on it's free!!! Dream on. It's a selfish self centred idea.

The thing is there are loads of people out there who are lonely, maybe housebound and disabled, who would love to have a friend to chat to online. And are willing to pay for it. They have no choice for whatever reason. You could be that professional friend. You could be the one who gets paid to be their friend. You could find out all about it at this website and earn well doing it.

You can find people you can gel with at a psychic site such as cheap psychic email readings or go to an advice columnist type agony aunt online site. You can also visit someone like a clairvoyant online or an online clairvoyant for readings.

If you would like to work as a professional friend worldwide online you need to sign up with the directory. You can find this at

ask agony aunts advice. All of the information about it is there. Including how much to charge, how to set it up etc. Everything. You need to think about yourself, and put yourself first, but this is a terrific opportunity to help others too.


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