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iOS is one of the best operating systems for smartphones to date, and it has plenty of amazing things. For example, it has a feature that allows users to hide and unhide specific apps on their smartphones. In this article, we will learn how to hide an app on your iPhone with step by step instructions. So, if you were searching for “hide iPhone apps,” you have come to the right place. Let’s learn the method to hide a program on iOS devices promptly.

Simple Solution to Hide Apps on iOS Devices

The dozens of apps on your iPhone stuff the home screens pretty untidily. There can be some apps that you may rarely use in a month and some that you use daily or every hour of the day.

When you swipe left or right on your iPhone screen, you may encounter different applications that you have very disorderly arranged. You can tap each app and arrange it.

Now you should hide or unhide a particular home screen on your iPhone. This will also hide the apps that the home screen includes. Keep in mind that by hiding the home screen, you are not removing or deleting any apps, so don’t panic if you are unable to find your apps once your home screen becomes hidden. Your home screen, as well as apps, are currently hidden, and you can’t access them in the usual way. To access these hidden apps, swipe over to the right to locate the new App Library. There you would see your applications splitting into App Store categories. The three bigger icons will allow you to access your hidden apps, whereas the tiny one will take you to the category to open your other apps.

This is how to hide apps and access the hidden apps on your iPhone. This way, you can keep sensitive apps away from your children and the people around you.

Wrap it Up

iPhone users should not use third-party apps from third-party developers to hide apps. Apple has provided excellent UI and features for its users so that they don’t use third-party products on their premium devices. For better results, you can first arrange a new Home screen on your iOS device with the apps that you wish to cover from others’ eyes. Once the newly created home screen has all apps that you want to hide, you can hide the whole home screen.

source: https://ratinglr.com/how-to-easily-hide-apps-on-your-iphone/


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