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It is no secret that our choices of clothes reflect our personality. For this reason, what may look attractive to one person may have a different effect on you. Your clothes play a key part in the impressions you leave with people. To always look your best, you take your time picking out attire for work, dates, nighttime activities, and other occasions you attend. While your clothes may be selected carefully, it is just as important to choose the accessories to go with them and make you look even better. It is the finishing touch that makes a lot of difference in your appearance and style.

Accessorizing an outfit with tasteful jewelry like monogram gold necklaces can make a statement and add that extra pizzazz you are looking for. Read on to see how you can enhance your look even more with the right accessories.

Ensure that you choose the right accessories for your outfit

Once you are decided on what outfit you are wearing for the occasion, lay out your accessories and see how they will look with what you are wearing. While there are no hard and fast rules with accessorizing, it is still best to find the most suitable to get that put-together look. For instance, chunky jewelry looks over-crowded on patterned material. People can’t see it anyway because of the patterns of the outfit. Pearls are attractive with just about anything. Layered necklaces look great on turtlenecks. To make it easy, lay your outfit and place your accessories over them. See what effect they have. What you see is the same thing people will see.

Transform basic outfits with accessories

A simple cut can be quickly transformed with the right accessories. You can mix and match your basics, clothes that you often wear, and they look different each time with accessories. Noone would be the wiser. If you are working during the day and have no time to find a new outfit for an evening out, your accessories can do wonders for what you are wearing. What you should keep in mind though is that they should complement your clothes and enhance them.

Always have your versatile jewelry ready

Versatile jewelry pieces are those that you instinctively reach for when you go out. It could be a favorite bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings. After all, it isn’t every day that you have a special occasion to attend to. It could be a family gathering or a night out with close friends. Even your most comfortable, informal outfits can look extra special with a few pieces that you love.

Accessories are not just bling and other jewelry pieces. They can also be scarves, belts, hats, and other items you wear to add character to your clothes. Just like your jewelry, these accessories are designed to enhance whatever it is you wear. And just like them, they should be picked out carefully for the same purpose. Accessories make your clothes look more attractive if you know how to put them together. It would also help to invest in quality jewelry pieces that last. You don’t need a lot. You just need to know which ones enhance your chosen outfits.


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