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Google Chrome and Safari are both amazing web browsers with useful features. If you’re planning to use Google Chrome and leave Safari, you should export all of your saved passwords to Google Chrome. If you have plenty of online accounts, then the saved password feature will help you sign in to your accounts. If you have decided to switch your web browser, you can shift or transfer all of your saved passwords to the new web browser.

Safari is a default browser on macOS, but there are a few things that make Google Chrome better. Switching to a new web browser is nowhere difficult unless you keep your saved data with you. Google Chrome allows its users to import bookmarks, autofill data, saved passwords, and many more things from other browsers. So if you’re looking to import your saved password from Safari to Google Chrome, here’s the guide for you.

Import Saved Passwords from Safari to Google Chrome

You can import your saved passwords, bookmarks, autofill information, and more things to your Google Chrome browser with simple steps. But before moving up to the steps, make sure you’re running the latest Chrome browser version. Once the basic requirements are met, follow the steps:

  • Launch Google Chrome on macOS.
  • Click the three-dots on the top right side of your Google Chrome.
  • Now press the Bookmarks option.
  • Under the Bookmarks tab, press the Import bookmarks and settings.
  • Now here, a pop-up window will open.
  • Choose the Safari browser under the drop-down menu.
  • Mark Saved password or any other box under Select items to import.
  • Wait for a second until the password importing is finished.
  • Press Done.
  • If you wish to verify the updated passwords, tap on your Profile icon and choose the Key icon.

To ensure saved passwords are working fine, you can log in to any of your online accounts and check the saved password you’re getting.

Apart from saved passwords, you can import many more things on your Google Chrome browser. You have to follow the same steps, but instead of marking saved passwords, you can mark the browsing history, search engine, autofill form data, and Favorite/Bookmarks to import.

The biggest reason for using Google Chrome over the Safari browser is its robust features such as password manager. However, if you wish to import your Safari data to Firefox, you’ll have to follow a different method since Firefox doesn’t have a keychain feature.


Both Safari and Google Chrome offer quick browsing, and its saved password manager feature helps in several ways. But before importing the passwords from Safari to Google Chrome, users must update their Google Chrome version. Plus, users can follow the same method on their iOS and iPadOS too.

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Source: How to Export your Safari’s Saved Passwords to Google Chrome?


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