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Although dealing with a dishonest real estate agent might be upsetting, you have the right to defend yourself and stop such conduct as a consumer. We'll walk you through the steps of complaining against a fraudulent real estate agent in this blog post. You can exercise your right as a consumer to complain against dishonest business practices through RERA under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 of the Indian Government by being aware of your rights, acquiring proof, and going through the proper procedures.

Recognise Your Consumer Rights in Real Estate 

Learn about your rights as a real estate customer before complaining against a fraudulent real estate agent. The duties and responsibilities of real estate agents are outlined in the real estate laws and regulations in your area. Knowing your rights will enable you to respond appropriately and improve the strength of your complaint.

Gather Evidence of Fraudulent Practices 

Collect all necessary proof of the real estate agent's fraudulent actions in order to support your case. Contracts, letters, emails, receipts, property listings, pictures, or any other paperwork supporting your claim may be included in this. To make a strong argument, arrange this material in a clear and chronological order.

Contact the regional real estate licencing organisation 

The next step is to get in touch with the regional regulatory or licencing agency for real estate in your area. Find out who is in charge of regulating real estate agents in your area by doing some research and visiting their website. Look for details on how to complain about real estate brokers. Follow the steps specified to file your complaint, detailing the fraudulent activities and including any supporting documentation. Any reference numbers or acknowledgments should be noted for future use.

Take Legal Counsel into Account 

If the licencing authority's response to your complaint is unsatisfactory, you may choose to consider about getting a legal counsel. Consult to a lawyer with competency in consumer protection or real estate law. They will examine your situation, counsel you on your legal choices, and help you file a lawsuit against the dishonest real estate agent. Be prepared to provide all relevant information, documentation, and records of your attempts to resolve the issue. Legal assistance can help you navigate the legal system and maximize your chances of obtaining a favourable outcome.

Report to Consumer Protection Agencies

Additionally, you can report the fraudulent real estate agent to consumer protection agencies or organizations in your jurisdiction. These organisations emphasise on defending customers' rights and have the power to retaliate against unethical behaviour. To record your complaint and provide all the necessary information and supporting documentation, get in touch with the appropriate agencies. By alerting authorities to the fraud, you help prevent other people from becoming a victim of the same fraudulent real estate agent.


It's crucial to report a fraudulent real estate agent in order to safeguard your interests as a customer and hold the offender accountable. Recognise your rights, collect proof of the dishonest actions, and get in touch with the regional real estate licencing board to lodge a complaint. To investigate further legal possibilities, if necessary, seek legal counsel. In order to protect more possible victims, you should also notify consumer protection organisations about the fraud. By taking these actions, you stand up for your rights as a customer and support the integrity and reliability of the real estate sector.


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