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After the demise of your loved ones, you need to go through the complicated as well as expensive probate procedure to legally get the ownership of their money and property. And as they say, probate is a lengthy and time taking process. However with the help of paralegal services you can accomplish the process more easily and conveniently without spending much money. But before initiating the procedure you must know the steps beforehand for a hassle-free journey. So let's check out what they are.

Step 1: Petition filing with the court

At the very first step, you need to file a probate petition with the California court. After you submit the petition the court is liable for scheduling a hearing within thirty days. The paralegal services you will acquire will help you to draft the petition you need to file. 

Step 2: Probate notice

Once the petition is filed the notice of court hearing is to be published in local newspapers. Also as per California law, it is essential to notify all the beneficiaries whose names are mentioned in the will (if there is any). 

Lastly, the potential creditors must know about the hearings. The probate paralegals you will hire will help you out in these situations.

Step 3: Authentication of the will

If there is any will created by the deceased person, its authentication must be proved to the courthouse. Otherwise, contests might arise claiming the fraudulency of the will. If you are unaware of what to do in such a situation, always make sure to obtain paralegal services.

Step 4: Collection of the asset

The court usually asks to showcase the exact amount of property the deceased has left. For that, the representative is responsible for taking a note of the deceased's assets. 

Step 5: Clearing the dues

Before distributing the assets of the deceased, the representative has to pay the creditors the money they are owed to. But for that, the creditors need to submit a claim within a certain period, for say four months.

Step 6: Tax payment

Again in this step, being the representative you need to take paralegal services to clear the due taxes of the states. 

Step 7: Asset allocation

After clearing all the dues and the taxes the leftover property and assets are distributed equally among the beneficiaries. 

Why do you need paralegal services to file your probate?

In between all these seven steps, an individual needs to file and submit several petitions, court orders, and legal documents with the California court. And only paralegal services can help you draft those required legal papers too fast and at affordable charges. If there is no contest, you can accomplish the entire procedure just by appointing paralegal specialists.

Hopefully, now you know how to file probate easily with the help of paralegal services. If you need any type of paralegal assistance including Probate, living trust, divorce, or eviction services, our paralegal experts are just a call away. 



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