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For centuries, Consciousness has been one of the most fascinating and elusive topics in all of science. We can't see it, taste it, touch it or smell it. It's a difficult thing to study because Consciousness is something that we experience firsthand but have trouble explaining with words. This article will explore Consciousness from many different angles, including what Consciousness is and how we find Consciousness deep in our brains!

What Consciousness is?

We all know Consciousness is a big part of the human experience. The consciousness switch, also known as the “self-reflective system” or “executive control,” is located deep in the brain. Basically, it is the ability to be aware of things and events in your environment. This includes being able to think, learn new information, sense emotions, experience pain or pleasure, and have memories. Attention consciousness refers to our awareness of what we're doing at any given moment.

Consciousness takes place inside the brain, and all of our thoughts are mapped out on the cerebral cortex in what's called an “engram.”. When Consciousness is determined to have switched on, it can be found in exactly one specific engram instead of all the normal consciousness-engrams that are constantly active and easily accessible to us from our thoughts or memories. So, for example, when I think back to what happened at work today, my Consciousness will turn on within multiple different engrams, but if Consciousness is determined to have switched on in my work engram, then I'll be able to tell that it happened because it will feel different than any of the other consciousness-engrams. 

How to find Consciousness? 

To find Consciousness deep in our brains, we must first have a thorough understanding of what Consciousness is and how it's associated with thoughts and memories. We know that Consciousness doesn't just happen randomly inside our bodies but instead has an identifiable structure and origin point within our brains.

For more info Read this: https://healthbynaturals.com/blogs/news/researchers-find-a-consciousness-switch-deep-in-the-brain


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