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Everyone wishes to do a lucrative job! Whether it is the corporate or the teaching field, you would want to get the best salary in the industry. Some people make peace with a lower salary, but others don’t give up too easily. There is no doubt that online teaching jobs have become a favorable career option, but you might be wondering where you can find high-paying online tutoring jobs

You’ve come to the right place! We will discuss more on the subject of ‘how to find high-paying online tutoring jobs?’ Let’s dive in! 

How much do online tutoring jobs pay? 

Well, you are going to be surprised that some online tutors are earning more than a teacher at a school or college. They are doing great business by charging on an hourly basis. 

There are online learning platforms like Evopry where teachers charge $5 to $50 an hour. It depends on the demand of the subject and difficulty level.

If you are teaching younger kids, the prices will be lower. In case someone is teaching spoken English or corporate English, the price will be higher. 

There are spoken English teachers who charge $20 or more for an hour. It is totally dependent on you as to how much you wish to charge. 

Check the tutor profiles on famous online learning platforms – you will find the hourly rate as well. 

How to set an hourly price for your tutoring services?

Many tutors commit the mistake of setting a high price without any reviews and ratings from students. 

Start with a student-friendly price. On second thoughts, you should stick with a student-friendly price because that’s how you are going to get more attention and students. 

Let’s say you are teaching a subject which is very much in demand, you should be setting a competitive price. Other tutors might be charging $10 an hour, so don’t commit the mistake of setting the price at $25-$30 an hour for the same subject. 

Once you gain popularity on the platform and more students leave a review and rating for you, it is plausible to change the price. 

Do some research on what other tutors are charging and based on that, you can set a price. 

Where can you find a high paying tutoring job? 

The question of the year is – How to find a high paying tutoring job? 

You will find many job seeking portals where you can apply for online teaching jobs from home

There are some online tutoring platforms wherein you can create a profile and students can hire you. Evopry is one of them. You can choose any subject you like – English, Mathematics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, French, Spanish, Hebrew, German, Pottery, and much more. 

The good part about these portals is that you can give a demo class to showcase your teaching methodologies. This is your chance to shine as a tutor and garner more attention. 

So, don’t give up this chance and make a stellar tutor profile today. 


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