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How to Find Products to Sell on Shopify?

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The best products aren't as easy as they may seem. It's okay: there's no requirement to create something extraordinary and unique. All you need is to locate a product that has a high demand on Shopify to align your Shopify Store with one of the Biggest Shopify Stores. 

Products to Sell on Shopify: Where to Start

The good news for entrepreneurs who are just starting out to choose the items to market on Shopify is a breeze. Thank you to the suppliers. They're basically product databases that you can use to search and pick items to add to your store.

Here's what to think about when you are looking for suppliers of products for Shopify stores.

•Choose genuine B2B suppliers and no resellers.

•Local suppliers are the best choice for speedy and less expensive shipping.

•Verify that the shipping costs are appropriate for your company

•Study the market to find out what your market wants.

•Find out who you are worth cooperating with through reading user reviews from other users.

•Find top-quality products from ethical suppliers 70% of buyers prefer to buy from brands that have implemented traceability of their products.

•It is possible that you require services that have all of your needs covered. Explore marketplaces to not only discover suppliers and products but can also handle uploads of data for products update, orders, and data synchronization

•If you're picking from a directory and could fill your store online with products in just a few clicks, it is recommended to first speak to the company you've chosen. Why? Because this can be a genuine partnership, and you'll feel like you are able to confide in your partner.

Places to Find Products for Shopify Stores

Finding products to sell on Shopify stores can be a difficult task. Ensure that your target customer is keen on what you sell and that you are able to provide reasonable prices to consumers on your store's website, along with quick shipping and an acceptable return and refund policy. Good quality, ethically-sourced products are the best option.

If you're interested in how to find specific products in an effective manner, here's how to locate items to offer on Shopify.


The first suggestion that likely is the first thought that comes to your mind when you're thinking about getting products is to utilize Google. Enter appropriate terms to your search engine, and then add dropshipping in addition and consider including specific terms that are not just “fashion dropshipping service'.

Visit the websites of suppliers through the search results, Look for menus with specific information regarding dropshipping, and then contact the business for more information regarding their services if you are interested in their products.

Social Media

Suppliers make use of these social networks increasingly; therefore, if you're using hashtags, tags, or tags on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, there's a chance you'll find suppliers' pages.

There are a variety of groups on Facebook where those looking for products can get suggestions about how to locate items to be sold on Shopify. Be sure to verify that the content posted in the group is genuine, timely, and up-to-date. They are not just a scam.

Additionally, join groups where you can check out new posts that are regularly added and where the administrator is responsible for ensuring that there is reliable information in their group.

Online Business Forums

Discussion boards are a popular way for people to interact, and forums to find out information and advice regarding the best way to do it on Shopify. Forums, in particular, are an excellent source of knowledge that allows many of us to get solutions to the questions we have.

The most reliable sites on which information is available about the best place to find items that are suitable for the Shopify store are Shopify Community itself, Reddit, and Quora.

Finding ways to boost traffic is one of the most common questions that is asked in Shopify community forms. 

Trade Shows

If you attend trade shows, you will meet many experts who represent businesses that offer the services you're looking for. If they are trade shows that have suppliers representing themselves, it's an excellent opportunity to discover products that are suitable for Shopify stores, too.

Contact these companies, and ask them to help you get the information required to create an online retailer. These types of events are not typical across the globe. However, should there be one in your area and you are interested, make sure to go to these events.

B2B Marketplaces

B2B Marketplaces, as well as online directories, are among the top locations to locate dropshipping companies and products that can be used in Shopify stores. When you choose the appropriate partner, these sites give you the tools required to locate suppliers, load your store's inventory with items quickly and keep your online store's information current to keep from selling too much.

Since offers a service similar to this. You can search through millions of dropshipping B2B ready-to-sell products available on the Marketplace. The application, which is accessible through Shopify, assists you with everything you need through its automated processes for everyday managing the data of your products.

Supplier Lists

On Google or B2B solutions' websites, you can search for lists of suppliers, which you can browse through and look through their offerings to discover products suitable that are suitable for Shopify stores. The lists are typically by a specific area, product type, or other.

They are completely free and excellent sources, but you need to ensure that the organizations offer what you are seeking and that they're reliable. 

If you want some advanced research for specific keywords, then consider using Diffshop Keywords Research Tools, which gives you more segmented results, Search Shopify Stores, and also key metrics that are beneficial for your future Shopify Store.

Check Potential Competitors

If you've got an idea of the kind of product you'd like to sell, you could conduct a bit of market research to discover possible “competitors” for your future store. You can also search for stores that are popular in the segment in various countries to find out what the demand for those products is. And all these things can be done using Diffshop  Tools.

Look over their products and find some inspiration for their products. If you've read more about specific items or even purchased some samples, you might have the chance to discover the manufacturer that the online store has partnered with.



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