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In Sage, the company file is saved in the INI file format and with the extension .ini. When the user is unable to find the INI file location in Sage; then they have to locate it so that they can access the file. There are 2 ways that help you to locate it and both ways are mentioned below with detailed steps.

What is the INI file?

The INI files are the text files that are used by the programs of the Windows system. The file consists of the configuration data and the data is used by the programs. You can open the file in Notepad to view it. This INI file is required by the programs that you run on your system.

What are the ways to find the INI file location in Sage?

2 different ways are here that you can implement on your own. Choose the solution accordingly and then process it properly so that you won’t face any issues.

Way 1- INI Extension File

  1. Open the File Explorer by pressing Windows + E keys together
  2. Locate to the path-
    1. For 64 bit- C:Program Files (x86)Common Filespeach
    2. For 32 bit- C:Program FilesCommon Filespeach
  3. Now, you have to start the setup file that is for your Sage 50. In case if it asks you to choose a program then select the Notepad option.
    1. Version 2021: Peachtre280.ini
    2. Version 2020: Peachtre270.ini
    3. Version 2019: Peachtre260.ini
    4. Version 2018: Peachtre250.ini
  4. To search the Data Path, you have to scroll down to the bottom and then find the name started with DATAPATH=
  5. To locate the Program Path, scroll down to the bottom and go to the 6th or 7th paragraph to check for PROGRAMPATH=

Way 2- To find the INI file in the Sage and its Properties

Steps for the Data Path

  1. First of all, start the Sage 50 Program on your system
  2. You have to Choose the company file to open it
  3. Check that the option Open the Previous Company is not selected
  4. You have to go to the bottom of the box to visible the complete directory
  5. The data path is the directory deducted that is deducted from the spelling of the company name.

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Steps for the Program path

  1. Go to the Sage icon on your desktop screen
  2. Right-click on the Sage icon
  3. From drop-down options, choose the Properties option
  4. In this, when exe deducted from the path that is highlighted in blue color on the target line is the Program Path
  5. If you choose the Open File Location then the Program Path opens for you automatically.

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 In the above article, you have two ways to find out the INI file location in the Sage. So follow the process and get the location of the file easily. In case you are facing any issues or have any queries then connect with the Sage helpdesk team who is here to help you 365 days a year.


  1. Where to find the INI file location in Sage if the version is 2009 or older than that?

You have the older version of Sage software and looking for the INI file then you can find it in the C:Windows. So just open it and search for the file.

  1. How to open when you find the INI file location in Sage?

You can access the file in Notepad. So for this, you have to right-click on the file and click on the open with option. Then choose the program Notepad.


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