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How To Find The IP Address Of ATT Router?

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The IP address stands for Internet Protocol. It is required when you want to access and configure the settings of your router. Every device has a unique IP address, you also have the option of changing the IP address of the router for a better security. Apart from that, you also need a username and a password to log in to your router. But first, you must know IP address ATT router. It is the first and most basic requirement to access to your router settings. Entering the default IP address in a web browser of your choice will direct you to the log in page. The ATT router default IP is or You can type the same in the URL section in the search bar and click ok. The IP address of the router is also mentioned at the back of the router on a sticker. But if that information is erased somehow and you need to log in to your router. Here’s how to find IP address of ATT router. Sometimes you tend to forget a certain detail and cannot log in to your router. Follow the steps mentioned below and find the exact information you are required to enter. These credentials are case sensitive and therefore you have to type them carefully.

Steps to find IP address ATT router:

·       Go to the settings.

·       Click on network option.

·       Then click on the Wi-Fi.

·       Select the advance button.

·       Click on IP address.

·       The IP address will be displayed on the screen in the router field.

·       You will see, You can enter the same in the search bar and log in.

Some of the ATT routers also provide you with UPnP feature. Here’s how to enable UPNP on AT&T router. To enable this feature launch a web browser from your computer or mobile which is connected to your router. Enter the router name and password if not changed, enter the default name and password to log in. select Advanced and then click on Advanced setup and then your UPnP ATT router setting would be enabled. The final step would be to select the UPnP checkbox and you are all set to go.

Another process you should be aware of is how to connect to ATT routerYou can enter the IP address as mentioned above in a web browser of a device connected to the router and then login using the default credentials. You can then click on the Wi-Fi icon on your internet devices, enter the password and connect to the router.

In order for router to work smoothly, the software should be updated. Go to the download section for AT&T software update and download the most recent version of the firmware. Return to the web interface and follow the step- by- step process to complete Arris router update firmware. The last step is rebooting of ATT router.




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