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Every season has its own style. With fall on the horizon, shorter days and cool breezes will soon be blowing away the dog days of summer. In addition to everything there is to love about cooler temperatures and leaves changing color, the fall marks a transition from summer style to fall fashion trends. That’s why now is the ideal time to find the perfect mens black watches, analog watches, or any timepiece that matches your style for the season. Here are a few tips to help you find a watch that matches your vibe.

Choose Fall Colors, Dark Colors, and Earth Tones

While summer is about bright colors and hues that make a statement, fall fashion works best with more subdued tones. Picking the right watch to match that aesthetic means opting for fall colors, darker colors, and earthier tones. For instance, while black watches are a classic choice, something like a soft brown leather band or a darker green watch face are both great fall choices. Darker blue and deep crimson also work well as fall watch colors.

Consider Steel, Leather, and Dress Watches

Fall is also the perfect time to opt for an iconic style, the dress watch. Dress watches have traditionally been represented by a refined analog watch for men. Specifically, if you want to focus on another pair of classic designs, you can’t go wrong with either a stainless steel or leather band. If you appreciate a timeless look, this is definitely a great way to go.

Opt for Something Nostalgic

As great as a classic dress watch looks with a suit in warm fall colors, you can certainly find other options that work perfectly for the season. Something about the crisp fall air and falling leaves tends to bring about a cozy nostalgia. If you already feel a nostalgic notion coming on, opt for a unique look and bring back the old-school style of an era gone by with a retro style watch.

Include a Bit of Bright Accenting

While the traditional fall fashion palate leans toward neutral hues and leather or stainless-steel bracelets with darker faces, your fall watch choice can still feature a vibrant accent of color. Something like a black watch with a yellow face is a stylish example. But, a silver watch for men can look even sharper when you spice things up with color like an all blue textured watch face.

Finding the Fall Watch That You Love

There’s one final rule regarding fall fashion that supersedes all others on your quest to find a watch you’ll love. You know your style best, and you know what you look and feel good wearing. If you find that a certain design gives you a confidence boost, wear it. Above all, style is about wearing pieces you enjoy and feel good in. Trust your instincts, and you’ll be able to rock any watch you choose.

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