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What's in a name? Well, a lot for people like us who love brands.

We recently worked on a project where we had to select a new brand name for one of our clients.

We will share the process our Brand Consultancy Service in India followed to find a name that fits a brand.

But first,

What is a Brand Name?

It is a business name that helps the target audience identify a company and differentiate it from similar brands within a category.

Why is a Brand Name important?

It helps establish brand identity and communicate with your consumers. 

A brand name helps buyers can identify and distinguish a company's offer from its competitors.

How to Find the Right Brand Name

You can follow the below steps we use at our Brand Consultancy Service in India

  1. Understand Your Brand

You begin by answering these questions to understand what you do and who you are –

  • Purpose: Why do you exist?
  • Vision: What future do you want to help create?
  • Mission: How do you build that future?
  • Values: What principles guide your behavior?
  1. Look at Your Differentiators

You can find what differentiates your brand from competitors using step 1 and some competitive analysis.

  1. Brainstorm

The part we enjoy the most, especially when there's a whiteboard in front of us.

You should perform these exercises in the brainstorming sessions –

  • Write the adjectives that describe your product/ service.
  • Define what you want your customers to feel when they use your product/service.

You need to keep the differentiators from step 2 in mind while doing these activities.

Another way of brainstorming is to think of the different categories of brand names.


Types of Brand Name

Some of the famous types are –

  • Founder: A name based on a real or fictional person, such as Ralph Lauren.
  • Descriptive: A name that describes what you do or make, such as Lean Cuisine and General Motors.
  • Altered: A made-up name or words, such as Kodak and Spotify.
  • Arbitrary: A real name with no immediate brand association, such as Apple and Camel.
  • Metaphor: A name that represents attributes or symbolisms, such as Infiniti.
  • Acronym: A name that uses initials or abbreviations, such as General Electric (GE).
  • Magic Spell: A name formed by merging two words or mis-spelling a word, such as Facebook and Flickr.
  1. Test Your Brand Name

We can't emphasize enough how crucial this step is for finding the right brand name.

You need to discover a name you can own, trademark, and get the domain of it.

When you get a brand name, you should test it to understand what resonates most with your people.

What Should a Good Brand Name Have?

You want to find a name that's –

  • Memorable: It should communicate your brand essence, form an image, and cultivate a positive emotional connection.
  • Distinctive: It should be unique and stand out from competitors.
  • Accessible: People can easily understand it, interpret it, say it, spell it, and Google it.
  • Protectable: You should be able to trademark it, get a domain, and own it.
  • Future-proof: It should have the potential to grow with the company, maintain relevance, and adapt to different products and brand extensions.
  • Visual: You should be able to translate and communicate it through design (colors, logos, fonts).

Honestly, giving a name to a brand is a creative process backed by insights gathered through careful research.

That’s all from our side on brand name today.

We are a Consultancy for Businesses in India that mentor startups and emerging corporates in their branding, marketing, and business endeavors and unbox their true potential.

Book a free consultation session with us to find the right brand name for your business and unbox growth that comes from good brand recall.



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