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You’re ready to enter early clinical development. All you need now is to find a clinical research organization that can handle the project you have in mind. However, finding the right contract research organization to meet your needs be a challenge. It comes down to matching your requirements with the capabilities and areas of expertise of the CRO. As you prepare for early clinical development, here are four things to look for in a CRO before you make the commitment.

A CRO That Keeps Things Simple

You want to work with a CRO that provides a comprehensive experience. Much like an all-inclusive resort, you want all the crucial aspects of your partnership catered to in one place. In other words, you want to work with a full-service CRO/CDMO. This keeps the process streamlined and avoids the coordination required to work with multiple subcontractors at once or in sequence. Timelines are coordinated, communication can flow easily avoiding repetition and data is gathered and processed in one location. Plus, working with a full-service CRO can help keep timelines on track for your project, adding to the overall efficiency of the clinical trial.

A CRO That Maximizes Efficiency

Keeping your project’s timelines on track is one of the many ways a CRO can help maximize your efficiency. Working with an industry-leading CRO can continue to streamline your approach to clinical trials. For example, your CRO should be able to run parallel processes, coordinating multiple parts of the study at once, from regulatory guidance to study conduct to data analysis and reporting. This approach can help keep your clinical trial nimble as it continues moving forward on schedule.

A CRO That Continuously Works with You

Transparency and communication are a must for any effective CRO. You want to work directly with a project manager who can keep you apprised of every element within your program. Your CRO should be a partner, ready to address questions concerning any aspect of your project, from regulatory, scientific and operational topics, administrative needs, or anything in between. Clear and continuous communication can make for a satisfying partnership with your chosen CRO.

A CRO That Adapts to Your Trial Needs

You bring your project to a CRO because you have limitation in meeting specific needs required for your clinical development. It’s your way of streamlining processes. Your CRO should be able to adapt to your needs by offering resources such as Phase 1 clinical trial units, access to trained staff and study participants required to manage and conduct the trials. They should also have certified labs and pharmacies on site. Ask about the CRO’s capabilities and areas of expertise to get a sense of how adaptable they can be. The more boxes they tick, the better fit they are for your next drug development project.

About Altasciences

With over 25 years of research experience, Altasciences is a mid-sized drug development solution company. Thanks to their innovative approach, Altasciences has built a foundation that biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have come to rely on. With tailor-made program roadmaps, clients are guided through the drug development process, from lead candidate selection to clinical proof of concept, and beyond. Altasciences possesses expertise in a wide range of study types and therapeutic indications in early clinical development, with key experience in first in human clinic trials, CNS clinical trials and ethnobridging. Altasciences maintains several phase 1 clinical trial units across North America, making their services and resource base accessible. Those resources include a highly trained and experienced staff, along with access to over 580 beds and more than 400,000 potential participants in their database. For sponsors in need of dedicated and integrated CRO/CDMO services, Altasciences is the perfect choice for drug development.

Altasciences is ready to streamline your early clinical development at https://www.altasciences.com/

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