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How To Fix Canon Printer Error 6800 Code

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Because they are created specifically to satisfy the needs of the consumer, Canon printers are among the most sophisticated printers in the world. Canon printers come in a variety of variants, and each model has its own special features and capabilities. Despite the ease of use of Canon printers, faults occasionally occur that prohibit you from finishing your printing duties. One such issue that interferes with your work is the Canon Printer Error Code 6800 because it prevents you from printing fresh documents. The methods you can take to Canon Printer Error Code 6800 Solution and continue operating the printer are simply described in this blog. You can call the Canon Printer support number and seek for extra assistance if you do not understand any of the procedures listed below because it is impossible to provide thorough troubleshooting methods in this blog in this manner.

What Causes Canon Printer Error Code 6800?

An issue with one of the printer's components is indicated by the hardware Canon 6800 error for the Canon printer. Knowing the root cause of the Canon Printer issue can aid in determining the best course of action for fixing it. Some of the reasons for Canon Printer Error 6800 are listed below:

  • The printer's feed tray cannot be opened because it is blocked. The buildup of paper or dust fragments is what causes this obstruction.
  • The paper tray's improper installation when the printer was first set up can also result in Canon Printer Error Code 6800.
  • To speed up printing, users occasionally issue several print commands. These various commands, nevertheless, can result in mistakes.
  • The line feed may be marred or scraped, or the printer's sensor unit may have a flaw that contributed to the error.

Steps To Fix Canon Printer Error 6800

The best and safest way to fix 6800 error canon issues, including Canon Printer Error Code 6800, is to restart or reset your Canon printer. The steps listed below will help you reset the printer and fix the issue:

  • Your Canon printer needs to be unplugged from the power supply and left inactive for a few minutes.
  • Next, gently reattach the printer's power cable, plug it in, and turn the printer on.
  • Press and hold the printer's power button for a few seconds before twice pressing the “Stop” button.
  • Two times through this process, release the power button. Once the power button has been released, hit the “Stop” button four times.

Try printing a test page once you've reset the printer. If the issue still isn't fixed, you can phone the Canon Printer support line to see if you can do any other troubleshooting measures. If the aforementioned procedure is successful, the error message can be readily Canon Printer Error Code 6800 Solution. However, if the issue persists, try the following step: –

Step-1: First, make sure the printer is “Powered On.”

Step 2: Next, let the printer's paper output tray out.

Step 3: Next, open the printer's top cover and wait for the print head to travel toward the center.

Step 4: Attempt to open the printer's inside cover.

Step 5: Verify whether or not the ink tanks are adequately filled.

Step 6: Correctly seated the ink on the printer if not.

Step 7: Press the bottom of each ink tank until the printer makes a clicking sound.

Step 8: Next, affix the printer's top and inner covers.

Step 9: If the reset technique on the printer still doesn't work, you'll need to change or replace the new logic board in order to keep utilizing the printer.

Concerning Canon Printer Support

You don't need to worry if the solutions indicated above fail to fix the printer error; you still have the option of contacting the Canon Printer customer assistance. The specialists and technicians at Canon are on hand around-the-clock to aid you with any problems or errors relating to their products. You can reach the Canon Printer Support by making one simple phone call. Contact Canon Printer customer service at their toll-free hotline for prompt assistance.

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