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The cURL is a common issue on WordPress sites. It can affect the performance of a website. It may have a negative impact on a site. If you are facing the same issue on your WordPress site, you can fix it in some easy steps. WordPress handles API requests with the help of cURL. It is a form of extension of the PHP programming language. The cURL contributes a lot to the proper functioning of a WordPress site. It is a software utility that helps your site function properly. When a user sees cURL error 28 on the screen, he/she may get frustrated. Below are the ways to fix it.

Why cURL Error 28 Appears in WordPress?

When no response from the server’s data comes, you may see cURL 28 error in WordPress. WordPress depends on the REST API to receive and send data requests. If the requests time out, the site calls it a critical issue and shows a message “REST API encountered an error”. The cURL library contributes a lot to the proper functioning of a WordPress site. If the cURL library has not been configured properly, the functioning of your site may suffer. When there is no response from the servers, this may also be the cause of improper functioning of a WordPress site. The REST API system helps WordPress receive and send data requests. In case the requests time out, a message saying “REST API encountered an error” may appear on the web page. We have understood various causes of cURL error 28 on a WordPress site. We will now take a look at how you can get rid of the problem step by step.

Disable WordPress Firewall

If a user uses WordPress Firewall or any other security plugin, You can disable it if it is the cause of the problem on the WordPress site. First, go to the WordPress site health report page and see check if the problem is fixed. Furthermore, you can adjust the settings and block illegitimate API requests.

Deactivate All WordPress Plugins

One of the most important things on a WordPress Site is API requests. WordPress plugins can send and receive data with the help of API requests. Sometimes, these may be the reason for the cURl error in your WordPress site. A user can deactivate the WordPress plugins by going to “Plugin” and then go to “Installed Plugins”, and select all the plugins. After this, select the “Bulk Options” and you will see “Apply” that appears on the left side of the “Deactivate” option. This may solve the issue.

Things to Consider about Hosting Server

Another step that you can take to solve the issue is by contacting your hosting server and make sure that your hosting service offers the latest versions of OpenSSL and cURL library. I order to get more information and details about site health. Go to “Tools”, and then go to the “Site Health” page. Go to the “Info” tab and expand the server section. Here, you can get all the information and details about the software installed on a website owner’s WordPress hosting server. In such a situation, you can contact the WordPress hosting company to update the software for the hosting account.

Solve Issues with HTTPS and SSL

Nowadays, most WordPress websites use HTTPS and SSL. If your website is not configured in an accurate way, this may cause a disturbance to the functioning of the WordPress site. To fix the issue, It is recommended to contact your hosting service company to re-install the SSL certificate for your website.

The cURL error 28 is a common issue on WordPress sites. To fix the issue, you can go through the procedures mentioned above. We hope you love the article.

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