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There was a time, when people used to trust yahoo blindly. because At that time, yahoo was providing the best services. their services were not going down too often. Somehow, If the yahoo services went down for a while, their support team use to fix that within few minutes.

But later, Yahoo couldn't maintain that standard of services. Due to which, these days, there are so many clients are complaining about yahoo mail not working problem.

Generally, this error appears on the screen, when they try to sign into the account. If you are also one of those yahoo victims, who is looking for the instructions to fix the yahoo mail problems. do not worry, here are the guide to fix such errors. you may apply it on your devices.

How to fix yahoo mail not working on computer?

If yahoo mail is not working on the windows computer. Follow these steps to fix it.

Check the internet-

When you try to open the yahoo website, and it doesn't load the page. you should try to go on other websites like- google, Facebook etc. Let's see if these websites are opening on the computer or not? if not? It means, there is something wrong with the internet connection on your device. in that case, you have to troubleshoot the connection and then retry to access the net.

 Reset the Yahoo id and password- 

Whenever Yahoo won’t let me sign into my mail account. I would prefer to reset the  login details.

So I go to the yahoo mail website and reset the user id first and then reset the yahoo password too. You should also do the same thing. After changing the credentials, you should try to log into the yahoo account using the new details. it will allow you to sign into your account now.

Update the server details- 

If you are unable to sign into the yahoo mail account on the mail app. and getting the settings are out of date error. it means, there is something wrong with the account settings. in such a case, you have to update the yahoo mail settings and then retry to access the webmail again. for more details, you can visit: How to fix yahoo mail settings are out of date in windows 10?

Why is yahoo mail not working on the android phone? 

If your email is working fine on the android phone but it is not working on the smartphones. you should reset the account on the smartphone. If that doesn’t work. You should also reset the mail app and then retry to login your account again. it will start working fine then.  

So these are the steps to fix the yahoo mail not working problem. in case, if you are dealing with some other issues on the yahoo mail. Please visit askprob blogs for more help. There you will find the complete guide related to the yahoo.

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