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Are you in South Florida? Do you enjoy a good time with friends? Do you like to roll your own tobacco or dry herbs?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of those questions, think about how nice it would be to get an immediate, gratis 20% discount from your favorite smoke shop in Pompano Beach?

That is if your favorite smoke shop in Pompano Beach is The Hip Cat Smoke Shop, located at 1310 North Federal Highway.

And if it isn’t your favorite yet, here’s why it should be – you can get 20% off.

Just Send Them Your Best Selfie (See Details Below)
The Hip Cat Smoke Shop is running a special right now. All you need to do is send them your best selfie from anywhere in South Florida, and if they feature it, you can visit their shop and claim 20% off anything.

Imagine, getting 20% off the stuff you actually use just because you advertised the fact that you liked using it! That’s the best kind of brand promotion or customer reward if you ask us.

It doesn’t even need to be a selfie, actually. Check out their website for details (TheHipCatSmokeShop.com).

It could be a belfie, or even a group shot of you and your friends enjoying a good time. Send it to The Hip Cat Smoke Shop. If they feature it, 20% off is yours!

Wait, That’s It?
Yes, that’s literally it. There are no hidden strings or ulterior motives. Just send the Hip Cat Smoke Shop a picture of you or your friends enjoying a good time in South Florida.

Send it to them, and if they use it, you can visit them and claim 20% off anything.

Which, by the way, includes…

What Do They Sell?
The Hip Cat Smoke Shop is South Florida’s premier smoke shop for a reason.

Actually, there are 1,500 reasons or something like that.

They sell it all. If you need it for smoking (no matter how you enjoy it) they sell it. And they sell accessories and other cool stuff too.

Here’s a quick listing:

● Heady glass, including water pipes and dab rigs

● Glass spoon pipes and glass sherlock pipes

● Chillums, one-hitters, steamrollers.

● Rolling papers

● Accessories like grinders, ashtrays, rolling trays, and so much more.

● Merch like branded gear and accessories.

If you use it before, during, or after a smoke sesh, they carry it – plus a lot of other cool stuff.

What If I’m Not in Pompano Beach?
So what if you’re not in Pompano Beach? The Hip Cat Smoke Shop has another location in Broward County, conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale.

Their other smoke shop is located at 1515 E. Las Olas Boulevard. If you’re closer to that one and still want to see what a real smoke shop is like, we suggest you pay them a visit.

(By the way, since this article is about getting 20% off, you should know that they’re also running another promotion where they’re granting 20% off to people that work at Las Olas. Get in touch with them to learn more about it.)

Visit One of Their Smoke Shops to Learn More
No matter how you look at it, if you’re in or near Broward County, you’re a stone’s throw from two of the coolest smoke shops in the country – smoke shops that give you multiple ways to save up to 20% off.

Visit their website for more details and get in touch with them (either at 954-530-9357 or 954-933-7083) or better yet, pay them a visit at one of their shops!

For more information about Head Shop Fort Lauderdale Please visit: The Hip Cat Smoke Shop Pompano.


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