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How to Get a Company Registration Certificate

To run a legal business, you must first obtain a Company Registration Certificate. A plethora of business chances may offer themselves to you, putting you on the fast track to success. Compliance with the country's corporate norms, on the other hand, is crucial.

There was a time when forming a business needed a significant amount of time, energy, money, and effort. You won't have to go from one government office to the next to receive your incorporation certificate, unlike in the past. 

The process of acquiring a company registration certificate from the MCA will be discussed in this article.

Types of Companies

In India, there are essentially six types of companies that can be formed, each of which is distinct in its own way.

  1. Private limited company
  2. OPC (one person company)
  3. Sole proprietorship
  4. Public limited company
  5. Section 8 company 
  6. Producer company

Key Differences Between Private and Public Companies

Private Limited Company

Public Limited Company

  • A private firm must have at least two board members.
  • A public business must have at least seven board members.
  • A private company can only have 200 members.
  • Any number of people can be members of a public business.
  • The transferability of shares in a private corporation is restricted.
  • The transferability of shares in a public business is unrestricted.
  • The public subscription of shares in a private limited business is not permitted.
  • Public subscription of shares is permitted in a public limited business.


  • At least two directors are required for a private corporation.
  • At least three directors are required for a public business.
  • A private firm can start doing business right away as it is formed.
  • A public firm must wait until it receives the certificate before starting operations.
  • A prospectus is not required of a private firm.
  • A prospectus must be issued by a public firm.
  • A private company's AGM should have two members in attendance.


  • A public company's AGM should have five members in attendance.
  • A private corporation is not required to conduct a statutory meeting.
  • A statutory meeting is required of all public companies.

The Process

The four major steps in obtaining a company registration certificate are as follows.You 

Step 1 –  You must first obtain a digital signature certificate (DSC)

DSCs (Digital Signature Certificates) are digital versions of physical or paper certificates. It's a form of identification. It can be used to access online information or services, as well as to digitally sign specific papers.

If you don't already have one, contact our specialists right immediately! If you already have one, make sure to double-check its validity before continuing.

Step 2 – Make arrangements to obtain the director's identity number (DIN)

Any person who wishes to become a director of a company must apply for a Director Identification Number via the SPICe+ form at the time of incorporation.

Step 3  – Following the preceding step, you must complete the SPICe+ (INC 32) and INC 35 (AGILE PRO) registration forms.

This level entails a number of difficult and time-consuming steps. There is no space for error, since errors on your incorporation paperwork can be quite costly to your new business. This is why we advise you to enlist the assistance of our incorporation team.

Step 4- Pay the incorporation fee. 

Send a physical copy of the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association to the RoC after paying the required filing and registration costs.

The RoC issues the firm registration certificate after verifying the information and paperwork provided.

After incorporation, in the case of a public limited company,

  • In lieu of the prospectus, file an eForm 20 declaration and attach the statement (schedule III)


  • Fill out an eForm 19 declaration and attach the prospectus (Schedule II).

After you've successfully filed, you'll be able to get your certificate of business start-up.

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