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Sleep is one of the important aspects of human life. Without a proper amount of sleep, one can get grumpy and quite annoying affecting day-to-day life. It is important to get the proper amount of sleep to enhance cognitive capabilities and improve your overall health. For maintaining optimum health and well-being, it is important to get better and the right amount of sleep. Eating a balanced diet, regular exercise is all similar to getting better sleep. Sleep is like charging your phone, your body’s battery runs out after the day you have and it is important to get recharged and fully refreshed in order to continue and prosper to make the next day even better. Enough sleep can help in improving productivity, get rid of any diseases to come and increase concentration levels.

What happens when you don’t get enough sleep?
Not getting enough or the right amount of sleep can have a negative impact on your daily life affecting your present and future life.

Daytime sleepiness: There is a higher chance of daytime sleepiness which can happen during travel, or even when you are working. This is mainly because of not getting enough sleep. This can make you tired and sleep all day long affecting your work and everyday life.

Impaired memory: Sleepiness can cause being moody affecting your ability to think and process information or even remember certain aspects of life.

Chronic sleep disorders: Improper sleep can cause sleep apnea forcing you to get treatments using CPAP devices and other medical attention required.
Lack of alert: There is a an impact of having to flinch and being alert on most of the things during your day-to-day life.

Tips to get better sleep

With a good night's sleep comes a better and productive morning. It is important to get better and get the right amount of sleep. Here are a few tips to get you started-

Stick to a sleep schedule: The first and foremost step is to always stick to a permanent sleep time or schedule. There are a lot of flaws to many people when it comes to getting better sleep at night. People may sleep at one time in a night and maybe late for about 3 or 4 hours to sleep the next day and if continued the persisting condition can lead to sleep disorders. It is important to sleep at a particular time of the day and follow the exact same amount of time to the following nights to come. Going to bed after a few hours past the schedule can result in less amount of actual sleep that you will be getting. According to several reports, it is mandatory to get a minimum of seven hours of sleep rather than three, four or even five which is terrible. Go to bed everyday and wake up at the same time. If still you don’t feel sleepy try doing something relaxing such as listening to music or even reading a book to give a peace of mind that can help you feel sleepy again.

Have proper meals and drinks: When you go to bed everyday, try your best to have plenty of food but not too much that can make you stuffed and fail in the task of waking up to the required time necessary. Don’t ever go to bed hungry. Avoid nicotine or caffeine which are both terrible options to take in before bedtime. It can take hours for both of these to wear off which can make you tired and uncomfortable the next day. Don’t even think about making the solution to alcohol as it can make it completely miserable later in the night during sleep.

Have a peaceful environment: Ensure the room that you sleep in is not too noisy or loud. A quiet, dark and cool room can give your mind to relax. Avoid exposure to light before bedtime especially using light emitting devices. Performing calming activities such as a yoga, taking a bath can help get better sleep.

Avoid day time naps: If you are a working person, surely it can’t hurt to get sleep during breaks or by taking short breaks. But the amount of sleep cannot be more than 30 minutes as it can affect your well-being and disrupt your sleep later at night. If you are a person with night shifts, then getting the right amount of sleep during day time can help in getting a productive work day.

Regular exercise: Ensure to be physically active as it can promote better sleep. Being physically active is important for our overall health but make sure that activities don't come too close at night.

Looking Ahead
With sleep comes a better peace of mind. Follow these tips and change your lifestyle to get an improved and better lifestyle for the foreseeable future.


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