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How to Get Free from both Pain and Injury! 

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After the COVID19 lock-down period, gyms have finally reopened, and it is wonderful to see so many of Myotherapy Fitzroy clients getting back into a regular exercise regimen. 

It is of the utmost importance that your body is prepared and ready for regular activity, especially with the recent reinstatement of more strenuous exercise and strength training at your neighbourhood gym. 

During the period of COVID19 isolation, a significant number of people have been working from their homes. A significant number of members in our community have become less active. During this time span, the myotherapy team has treated a large number of clients who were experiencing discomfort as a result of insufficient work setups and increased time spent sitting. Starting back at the gym with this backdrop of poor work set ups, postural related pain, and/or less exercise can significantly increase the risk of injury for many people. Spending more time working at home has presented significant problems for many people with postural related pain (including back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain). 

Increasing one's degree of physical activity and exercise while in these conditions might increase one's risk of injury and discomfort; the minor aches and pains that are initially experienced quickly progress into far more severe ailments. 

As a result of people engaging in less physical activity during this period, many of them have developed muscle limitations or tightness in regions that will prevent them from exercising correctly. Incorrect technique or movement quality can result in increased pain after exercise as well as the risk of injury. 

It is important to remember to ease back into exercise carefully by reducing both the intensity and the amount of your training so as to assist reduce the risk of damage. Increase the intensity of your workout on a gradual basis while paying close attention to the form you keep while doing strength training. Start a mobility programme, especially if you've seen a decrease in your flexibility over the past few weeks as a result of the disruptions to your regular workout routine. 

Myotherapy treatment can be a useful technique to limit the chance of damage while returning to the gym. This will ensure that your body is performing at its best, allowing you to return to full training intensity as quickly as possible. 



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