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Hulu is a popular video streaming place to watch visual content like movies and TV shows. It is a popular entertainment platform in America and Japan, but it can expand internationally in 2021. Hulu provides on-demand services like classic, original TV shows, and movies. It provides different subscription plans like Hulu+Live TV, Hulu (No Ads), etc., to entertain you. You can pick the one based on your requirements and the money you want to spend.

But here are some tips to save your money on Hulu subscriptions. Please remember that these tips may not work for all. Let’s see how you can get Hulu for free?

Take advantage of the Hulu free trial and try to get another trial

If you are using Hulu for the first time and you are signing up as a new user, you can take advantage of its free trial. Creating a new account on Hulu offers a free trial. Hulu offers a free 30-days trial on its plans, including Hulu (No Ads) and Hulu (Ads). Please note that you will need to cancel the free trial at the end of 30 free days. Otherwise, you will be charged with that plan’s subscription cost, such as $5.99/month for Hulu (Ads) and $11.99/month for Hulu (No Ads). 

Further, the general payment methods that Hulu support are credit and debit cards, even if you want to finish the free trial. However, Hulu also accepts payment through PayPal, Venmo, and AMEX Express. So, you can also take advantage of these payment methods for free trials. 

After canceling the subscription at the end of the free trial, if you want to get the trials again, you will have to wait if you sign up with the same account and payment option. Otherwise, you can get a new free trial by signing up using a different account and payment option. If you think of getting a free trial on Hulu+Live, you will get only seven days of the free trial.   

Convince someone to get their subscription 

You might have heard the famous quote, “sharing is caring.” That means that when you have something more than your need, you should share it with the needy one. The same thing applies to getting the Hulu subscription for free. Find someone in your family or friend circle who has taken a Hulu subscription and ask them to share the subscription with you. The person from your family or contact can share the paid subscription with you if they believe in sharing or if you are close to them. 

Create an account with Spotify Premium if you are a student

Spotify premium allows eligible students to get the subscription at a rate of 50 percent less. So, the premium subscription may cost around $4.99/month for four years of duration. After signing up with a Spotify student account, you get a chance to take Hulu subscriptions like Hulu (Ads) and a Showtime premium cable TV for free.

These are some smart ways to get Hulu for free. Try any of the above at your convenience and save money on a Hulu subscription. 

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