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Hair loss issue has been accounted as one of the most mentally challenging cosmetic issue as it cannot be stopped or ceased if permanent. Hair is one of the most precious aesthetic assets which enhance the beauty and personality.

Hair loss causes

Hair loss is more prevalent these days as the contributing factors works in consortium with the genetic factor in progress the hair loss. The most common culprit for hair loss is genetic dysfunction which transfers from generation to generation and you get from your forefather. The contributory factors which cause faster progression of hair loss include increased pollution, increased stress, poor nutrition and changed lifestyle.

Hair loss management

The hair loss issue has been managed by various means which include:

Temporary aids: The temporary measures include wigs, extensions and prosthetic hairs which are most commonly used by the patients. But with time it becomes very exhausting to maintain them and replace them frequently. Including, they do not provide very natural results and are noticeable. These aids are temporary and needs replacements every 6 – 12 months which makes them an expensive modality for long term use. 

Medications: Minoxidil and finasteride are the medications widely available in the market for hair loss issue. These medications are used for slower the progression of hair loss and for faster hair growth which is unpredictable with these medications. The results offered by these medications are surveyed to be relapsing once the medications are stopped. These medications cannot be used for long term as every medication is subjected to have few side effects. 

Hair transplant: Hair transplant is considered one of the most effective ways to treat hair loss as the outcomes you receive are pleasant. This procedure is performed by implanting the hair follicles on the bald area which are harvested from your body from the specific locations termed donor areas. The procedure is intended to cover the bald area on the scalp or in the facial regions which include beard, moustache and eyebrows reconstruction.

Hair transplant in Delhi has become very popular as the procedure is in high demand for which uncountable numbers of clinics are been introducing in the city. Medispa hair transplant clinic is leader and pioneers in the field of hair transplant across the country. We are headed by the finest hair transplant surgeon across the country: Dr Suneet Soni whose expertise and skills have worldwide recognition. His USP is his excellent skills and artistic vision to design the hairline in an absolutely natural looking way.

Hair transplant cost in Delhi is way more affordable than the cost of the procedure elsewhere in the country as there is huge competition in Delhi. The standards of the treatment in Delhi at few clinics are at par the level of international standards still the cost is very affordable which lure people from all across the country and worldwide to visit Delhi for the hair transplant tourism.

Is there any permanent solution for hair loss?

Yes, definitely hair transplant is the procedure which offers the permanent solution to your hair loss issue. It is probably the only hair loss solution which is permanent and natural looking if the procedure is performed under expert hands. The hair transplant procedure provide permanent results as only the permanent hair roots are handpicked by the hair transplant surgeon for transplantation. These hair roots are DHT resistant which do not possess receptors for androgen hormones. These hair roots when transplanted at the desired area they offer the permanent hair growth which would never undergo hair loss and stay for life time.

Hair transplant- how worth is this procedure for hair loss

Hair transplant procedure is definitely worth your time and money as the procedure delivers excellent outcomes. The procedure has many benefits over other treatment modalities of hair loss which are explained as follows:

  • Hair transplant offers permanent outcomes as only the permanent hair roots are transplanted at the desired bald area.
  • Hair transplant procedure offers extremely natural looking results which can be possible only when the hair transplant surgeon has artistic skills.
  • The procedure is completely painless and is performed under local anesthesia.
  • The procedure offers healing with almost invisible scarring as advanced approaches have made is definitely possible.
  • The hair transplant procedure is completely hassle free and require no maintenance at all once the physical recovery is over.
  • Feel free to visit Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur for the mesmerizing experience of hair transplant.


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