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How to Get Rid of Court Cases using Astrology

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We can analyze all aspects of human life using astrology, including court cases in kundli. One can know the possibility of facing a legal issue, winning them, and the intensity of punishment or legal consequences. Many astrological combinations/yoga indicate whether you will win or lose a court case. Astrology also provides various remedies to turn a loss into a win in any legal matter. 

Can we see court cases in the birth chart?

Yes! We can make out the possibility of getting stuck in legal cases through the birth chart. There can be yoga for a lawsuit in the birth chart, but you don't get the results of this yoga until the supportive Dasha and transit operations. One faces legal issues in birth chart if the running dasha and transit point towards the native going into a legal issue. If these two differ, the native doesn't face the legal issue. 

Which house is responsible for the court case?

If we wish to know which house causes court cases, then our focus should be on the sixth house. A weak sixth house, the affliction of the sixth lord with malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, gives court cases. Similarly, a connection of the 6th house with other trik houses like the 8th or the 12th house may cause lawsuits.

Can astrology help to know the best time to file a case?

In Vedic astrology, the dasha periods have their dominant roles to play. It is not just sufficient to have yoga for some events; you should have favorable dash and transit also. If you wish to file a case, you should first meet an astrologer to know the best time to file a case. He after analyzing the yoga, dasha and transit can predict a good time for filing the case so that the chances of winning are higher.

Not only filing a case, but you may also know the best time to appear or defer your hearing in court. This exercise helps you glide smoothly through any legal proceeding and eventually get the desired results. 

Which planet causes court cases?

The sixth house is a trik house that represents our legal matters. In astrology, it is believed that a strong malefic planet in the sixth house fights against all adversities like court cases, diseases, competition, and loans, etc. On the other hand, the strong benefic planets cause the significations to rise. So, a planet has to be strong to give results in the sixth house. A weak planet in the sixth house will not be able to give results; rather, it will spoil the signification of the house. So, malefic should be strong while the benefic planets should be weak in the sixth house to safeguard against legal cases. The weak malefic planets in the sixth house, like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars, and Sun, give court cases.    

If the 6th house is under the influence of weak malefic planets, or the malefic planets badly inflict the 2nd house of the birth chart, Grahan Yoga's presence in the birth chart leads to court cases.

Can we know the chances of going to jail through astrology?

In Vedic astrology, there is yoga called Bandhan Yoga. One can find elaborate explanations in the astrological text ‘Jataka Tatvam.' We refer to Bandhan yoga as causing isolation and separation from society. In modern times, isolation can be found in jail, Police custody, asylum, ashram, foreign land, etc. Basically, it is attached to negative influences. Bandhan yoga is also related to black magic and the evil eye. Drug addiction is also a form of it. If the twelfth house, its lord, and the karaka, Saturn, are badly inflicted, a person has a Jail Yoga in the kundli

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Remedies to win court cases

Before knowing the details of the remedial measures, it is crucial to understand that remedies performed for the wrong planet can bring more harm than benefits. You don't have the same role in all the court cases. In some, you file the suit. In some, you face the suit, and in some, you are the benefitting party. So, it is important to determine your role before asking for a remedy. Only an experienced Vedic Astrologer can provide the most effective remedy to weaken or strengthen the required planets. He will suggest waiting for the desired Dasha and transit to come. But if you don't get the supportive dasha in the course, the best remedy is to weaken the sixth bhava and the sixth lord. Also, one can pacify the Nakshatra, Lord of the sixth lord. The placement of the sixth lord is very important. An astrological consultation must be taken as sometimes you may perform wrong remedies to get harm than benefits.

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