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How To Get Rid Of TurboTax Error 70001? [Full Guide]

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This blog will assist you in fixing TurboTax error 70001. As you know, certain errors may occur due to an unstable internet connection or malware in the software. The same can happen to TurboTax as well. It is software that helps in preparing taxes and filing tax returns. The tool provides features user-friendly interface that helps the users prepare e-filing of taxes. This robust software is for working individuals, sole proprietors, and enterprises. However, like all the other software and applications, it too has technical troubles. Sometimes, the issue might persist for too long.


Usually, troubles resulting from internet issues get fixed automatically once the web connection is resumed. Hence, the users are urged to fix the issue as soon as possible. Although, we have a specific error, “error 70001”. The error might arise due to connection issues while using turbo tax. But there can be other factors that may cause the error. So, look at the possible conditions to cause the error and quick remedies to fix them.


What Are The Causes Of TurboTax 70001?

Every error results due to a known or unknown cause; there are the possible causes:

  • If you are using turbo tax software on a workstation rather than a computer.
  • Faulty internet connection or any networking hardware.
  • Some security software like antivirus or windows firewall is blocking access to TurboTax.
  • You don’t have the suitable permissions to run TurboTax programs or to open the application.


So, now we know the possible causes which resist the working of TurboTax processes and result in errors. Then, now look at the ways to fix the error.


Ways To Fix The Turbo Tax 70001 error

There are solutions to fix the error. Follow the same steps as mentioned to get rid of the issue.


Solution 1: Check the network connection and hardware

This is the first and easy step in fixing the error code. Follow the given steps:


  • Move to the “Wireless Access Point” module and attempt to “Log in” twice.
  • Then, log out from your windows account and shut down the PC.
  • Now, shut down all the network hardware, including router, cable modem, etc. Then restart hardware one by one with a gap of 1 minute between turning on each.
  • Once you restart all the network hardware and your PC, log in to the TurboTax desktop.


Solution 2: Launch TurboTax on the PC

All TurboTax users are advised not to use their workstations as it may block TurboTax communication online. They have a well-built firewall that resists software access.


Solution 3: Adjust firewall settings

Confirm if your firewall security settings are stopping the TurboTax process online.


Solution 4: Install TurboTax in selective startup mode

To do this, follow the given steps:

  • Move to the Start Menu and launch the Run box.
  • In the search bar, type “msconfig.”
  • Then, a window titled “System configuration utility” will be displayed. Find the “General tab” from the various tabs available and click it.
  • Now, below the General tab, click on the “Selective Startup” button.
  • Then, below the selective startup radio, check the “Load startup items” from the checkbox.
  • Now go to the tabs again and find the “services” tab near the boot tab.
  • Under the services tab, tick the “hide all Microsoft services” checkbox.
  • Then, confirm it by “Disable All.”
  • Now, click “OK” and reboot the PC.
  • At last, reinstall the TurboTax.


Solution 5: Perform a disk clean-up on your PC

One of the very common causes among causes of a TurboTax error 70001 is the space deficit hard drive. Hence, disk cleaning is one of those quick methods that can resolve your issue. You can launch the explorer window to perform the disk clean-up process. You can go to the properties by right-clicking the main directory in the window.


To move forward with the disk clean by properties. Here are the steps to initiate disk clean-up:

  • First, check if your files have a backup; if not, make them immediately.
  • Confirm your system’s hard drive has free space. If not, you need to create the space.
  • Remove the cache from your PC.
  • Once you remove the cache, the system will reboot.
  • Locate the “Explorer window.”
  • Then, the main directory will appear; tap right on it.
  • Now, select “Properties” from the given options.
  • Navigate and choose “Disk Cleanup.”

The process will take time to proceed. When the clean-up is done, you can use your system like before, and the TurboTax error 70001 will be resolved. It will free some of the space in your system’s hard drive.


Solution 6: Update your antivirus program

Many users have observed that the virus is causing the error code 70001 issue on their systems. They also observed that the antivirus program was running on the PC but still could not eliminate the virus. But when they updated their antivirus programs, the virus got removed, and the error code was also removed.


Hence, updating the antivirus program is another method to eliminate the TurboTax error 7-0001.


Solution 7: Reinstall the graphics drivers on your system

Sometimes faulty graphics drivers create the error codes. Many TurboTax users also observed this case. The experts recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics driver on your system. To uninstall the drivers, visit the Device Manager through the control panel. You can see the graphics drivers in the Device manager. Once you uninstall the graphics driver, you can reinstall it on your system.


Here are the steps:


  • Move to the “Start Menu” on your system.
  • Then, launch the “Control Panel” from the menu.
  • Now, you need to choose “System and Security.”
  • Tap on the “Device Manager.”
  • Then, find the “graphics driver” in the “Device Manager.”
  • After that, locate “Video Card Driver” and right tap on it when found.
  • Select “Uninstall.”
  • Once you have done it, download the “video card driver” again.
  • Then reinstall the “Video Card Driver.”



We learned the quick ways to fix TurboTax error 70001. I hope these methods will help you troubleshoot the TurboTax error code 70001, and you won’t get the issue again. The first step is to recognize the cause of the error, and then you can move forward with the solution.

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