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How to Get Started with the Quick Note Tool on your Mac

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Imagine you are in front of your Mac, and you have to write something on that immediately before you forget it. In place of opening the Notes App and then creating a new blank page to write something, you must try Quick Note on Mac. It allows you to start an instant note along with a keyboard shortcut, text selection, or even a mouse movement on a web page in Safari.

Like any page you create with the Notes app, you can then do formatting and customize the Quick Notes document as you wish to keep it.

Need To Update Your Mac

First, you need to check whether you should run macOS Monterey 12.0 or higher. Tap on the Apple icon in the upper left corner and then select “About this Mac.” If the window acknowledges an older version of macOS, tap on the Software Update button to download, and then you need to install the latest update.

Get Started with a Quick Note on Mac

You can trigger an empty Quick Note on mac by using the keyboard shortcut Function+Q (or you can use Globe Key+Q on newer Macs). This feature can also be accessed by setting up a corner. This will tell the app to appear when you move the mouse to a specific corner of the screen.

Open System Preferences, and then go ahead to Desktop & Screen Saver. Go to the Screen Saver option and select the Hot Corners button. Now, click any of the four fields showing the four corners of the screen and change the entry to Quick Note. At last, you need to click OK. So, the next time when you move the cursor to the upper-right corner, you will see a square box. You can click the box to start the note. You can also try another way to create a Quick Note by selecting text on a web page (in Safari).

It would help if you highlighted the text you wish to save, then click on the share icon and choose New Quick Note or Add to Quick Note. The selected text and a link to the web page are included in a new note. So now, if you click the link on your note, you will go back to the web page with the text highlighted. Try all these methods to create a quick note on Mac.

Quick Note on Mac: Formatting

After creating a quick note on Mac, you can format your Quick note using the built-in formatting tool in the Notes app. Now, if you would like to change the font or other things, select the text, and click on the “Style” icon at the top of the screen. It would be best if you chose the attribute you wish to apply or picked a style such as Heading, Title, or Subheading.

To create a checklist from current text, select the text you want to include, and then tap on the checklist icon at the top of the screen. Click on the Photos icon to add an image (Quick Note). Now, select photos to choose from existing photos, or you can also select another option, such as selecting one of the other options to pick a new image, add a sketch, or scan a document.

Click the Share Note icon or the temporary Share icon at the top of the screen to send the note to other people. So, this is how you can format your quick note on Mac.

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How Will You Save Your Quick Note on Mac?

After creating and formatting your Quick Note on Mac, close it. Now, this note is automatically saved in the Notes app. You need to open the Notes app and tap the category for Quick Notes to see the notes you added here. If you cannot see the different folders for your notes, you must click on the View menu and select show folders.

A note that does not have a particular title is saved with the name of New Note. Just open the note and type a title at the top to give this note a specific term.

What Do Change Resume Options Mean in The Quick Note on Mac?

If you have done with one quick note on Mac and then tried to do another one using your keyboard or hot corner, the earlier Quick Note appears with the assumption that you want to add the new Quick Note on Mac. Instead of this, if you create a fresh note every time, go to the Notes app and select the option Preferences from the top of the menu. Now, you must uncheck the “Resume last Quick Note.”

Tips To Manage Your Quick Note on Mac

At last, this is most important to know that how can you manage the notes you have written? You can manage your Quick notes on Mac just as you make a regular note. Open notes and then go with the Quick Notes folder. If you want to delete some notes, right-click on it and select the Delete option. You can also move a note from here to there. Move a note from the Quick Notes folder to a new location by right-clicking the note and going to the Move to option. Now you can select the new folder.


In this Guide, we discussed all the information about Quick Note on Mac. We are now known for this most exciting feature, from getting started with Quick Notes to managing these. This was important to know about Quick Note on Mac as sometimes we don’t have enough time to create a document. We need this to save our time.

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