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Since probiotics have been proven to improve a dog's digestive health, it is definitely ok to give them food supplements or food that contain these good bacteria. According to experts, it is totally fine to give your dog probiotics every day, and generally, these must be given during mealtime.

The rule of thumb when it comes to giving probiotics to dogs is consistency. To achieve the results you are aiming for, your dog must get used to having probiotics every day so that his body can also absorb the good bacteria at its optimum level.

You can talk to your vet for other tips and suggestions regarding giving probiotics to your dog. In most cases, vets recommend giving probiotics-rich food to your dog as most dogs find it enjoyable to eat. However, there are also probiotic food supplements that can be mixed into your dog's food in case your dog is a picky eater.

Do consult your veterinarians Burlington, ON before starting your pet on any supplement.



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