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The world is becoming increasingly digital, and more people are relying on social media to spread brand awareness and increase sales. Both personal and corporate brands are vying for attention by pushing out content people will find engaging. If you’re a business owner, a personal brand, or even a plain ol’ social media user, you’ll be on the lookout for effective ways to grow your social media. Take a look at some of the top ways you can grow your social media accounts:

  1. Post content that’s both engaging and relevant

There really are too many boring things in life to add your social media content to the list. With the information overload the world is currently experiencing, most people are more likely to keep scrolling. To stand out, you have to post something that’s both engaging and valuable. Except you’re running a comedy blog or site, you may want to add stuff that’s really valuable and not just posts with lots of fluff and zero value. Getting customer feedback is a way to ensure that you know what your customers want to learn about, so you can give it to them. If your content is both engaging and valuable, you’ll retain more followers and keep gaining new ones. I suggest a lot of “How to” content for your blogs and providing information that’s both accurate and relevant. Because, see, people always want to know!

  1. Have a consistent voice and brand identity

When people want to choose their brands, they have to feel secure. The tension of hanging by the edge of their seats is what they want to feel when seeing a thriller or reading a new bestseller. They don’t want tensions and plot twists all the time when it comes to what your brand has to offer. What I’m saying is: choose a brand voice and identity and stick with it! This helps your brand comes across as consistent. You’re more likely to win trust this way. Your followers need to have an idea of the kind of content you’d normally post and your tone too. Ask yourself this, if your social media was hacked and a post was put out, would your customers be able to tell the difference?  For you to attract the right audience, you have to communicate using the same brand language all the time. Really, no surprises are welcome here.

  1. Do your homework and set your goals

Growing your social media account is a lot like growing into your desired weight. You have to identify your objectives and stick to them. Before hoping to grow your socials, answer some key questions:

  • Who are my customers and what platforms do they use the most?

  • What’s the purpose of this social media platform?

  • How can I make it work for my business?

Answering these questions will help you create a buyer’s persona, choose the right platform, and then set goals on how to steadily grow your social media followership. Remember SMART goals are often the keys to success.

  1. Be careful with your ads

If we were compiling a list of things the world has grown wary of advertising would make the top five. People are so sick of ads popping up everywhere they go on the internet, I inclusive. One easy way to lose social media followership is to flood your site or social media accounts with ads.  Stop. Doing. That. More people are opting out of seeing ads altogether (ask the ad blockers) Advertising is a useful marketing tool but it must be applied right to be beneficial for your business.

Also when creating your ads, be careful to consider the culture of your intended audience and what they appreciate. Learn a few lessons from the Schweppes’ “toilet water” fiasco.

  1. Make use of hashtags, but don’t murder them

Hashtags are the happening thing now and almost everyone is using them. What’s not cool is how many people are using them excessively. Attaching an enormous amount of unrelated hashtags to your post is just downright annoying. Hashtags can help to grow your social media awareness in that it drives traffic to your websites and social media accounts. So, use them constructively, don’t toss them around everywhere and all the time though. As in, you don’t need to hashtag everything.


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