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There has been a spurge in the growth of social media today. Every individual is striving to lead ahead in today's race. The number of followers a person has chooses the prize holder. 

Twitter is the easiest platform to grow your following.

It’s enticing how brands are asked about the number of followers they have during promotions. Are you still striving to drive in more traffic to your Twitter account? This article will give you some easy guides on how to grow Twitter followers.

  1. Create an attractive profile

    The first thing that attracts a visitor is the arrangement in your account. Having a clean profile is crucial as it shows how professional you are with the work you do. Your followers also determine the personality of your brand through your profile.

    It is important to set a theme that gives your audience a big picture of what your brand is actually about. Your profile should also describe what you do and what your industry is about.  It should also include your goals and the kind of people that you target.

  2. Post more visual content and Infographics

    If you post textual based content, your audience might not want to continue reading it. Using pictures and videos, along with infographics, is a great option. People love looking at eye-catching visuals. They are much more appealing than a boring paragraph. You can disassemble your text into a creative design and show an image or a vector that relates to it. Tweets that contain more visual content and colors receive more views. They also get more shares and likes.

    If your post is entirely textual-based, you might not catch the attention of serial scrollers. When people find something colorful, they might want to stop and have a good look at it.

    Did you know? People share Infographics much more than any image. Sharing video content gets six times more traffic than any other content. Filling your feed with visual content and infographics will drive in more followers. People might also want to share your content if they find the visuals very eye-catching.
    If your schedule is too busy and you cannot post content manually each time, try using social media marketing tools and schedule an entire calendar in advance!

  3. Take inspiration

    You can use different puns and take inspiration from movies or shows. For example, Mcdonalds recently tweeted, “Draw me like one of your french fries.” They used Titanic’s most famous dialogue, “Draw me like one of your french girls.” Recently Travis Scott posted a picture on Instagram wearing a Batman costume. They also tweeted about their new Travis Scott’s go-to meal, which received a ton of funny reactions.

    You should be aware of what your audience likes and what their interests are. You should also know the kind of movies they watch and the kind of humorous content they are into. You can use dialogues from their favorite movies and incorporate them in your tweets. This is a great option to catch the attention of your audience. The more humorous and satirical your content is the more shares, likes, and retweets it will get.

  4. Use keywords and hashtags

    Using hashtags and keywords is almost a form of using SEO for your brand’s Twitter account. Think. When you feel like eating, you search for a particular keyword like “Fast Food” on the internet. You get search results that are related to that particular keyword. If you use keywords related to your content, the audience looks up something related to it. This way, your post will be more likely to show up on the search results. Using hashtags and mentions is also a great option to appear in search results. Do not sound boring when using hashtags. Think of some creative and popular community hashtags. These will induce some personality in your feed.

    Keep one thing in mind when using hashtags. Do Not go overboard with those hashtags. Your profile will look very spammy and unprofessional. This might be very distracting for some people. It will lead them to ignore it if they find it annoying.

    Use Twitter analytics to find out hashtags that are most relevant to your brand.

  5. Schedule tweets to drive engagement

    If you spend hours writing content for your brand, You will not be able to focus on other tasks. These tasks might be important for your brand's growth. Schedule tweets are essential when you have so much on your plate. Isn’t it better to spend a few hours a day and schedule it for the entire week than spending hours every day?  The Twitter Scheduling tool will make your account more active and drive more engagement.

  6. Communicate with your audience

    Communication I key when it comes to building trust. It is important that you respond to your audience and answer any queries that they have. This will give them a feeling that they can actually trust your brand and expect more from it. This way, there’s a higher chance that they will recommend your brand to their family and friends. Building an emotional connection with consumers  Is important. It builds a lasting relationship between your brand and the audience.

    You can also arrange contests and giveaways to tell your audience that you care about them. Arranging content can include a photo competition or any other challenge. Your audience can do this to promote your brand. You can send them a gift in return as a favor.

  7. Use the influencer method

    Influencers have a huge following with a very loyal audience base. You can use influencers to promote your brand on Twitter and tag you. You can introduce a specific challenge that relates to your brand and ask the influencer to do it. Influencers can also then challenge their audience to do the same thing and share it. This way, more people will get to know about your brand, thus driving in more traffic to your Twitter account. When the right influencers promote your brand, it can create a huge impact. The way your audience will interact with your content will keep shifting. This will make marketing through the influencer a very smart method.


    Having a huge following on Twitter portrays how well established your industry is. It also depicts that your customers, leads, and audience shows interest in your brand. It also portrays customer loyalty. If someone finds a huge following for your brand, there is no way they could have any doubts about its benefits.  Twitter is the go-to network for engaging with customers. Hence, having a good amount of followers on this platform is crucial if you want to grow your business. You can use the above-mentioned easy steps and grow your following in the blink of an eye!. Use keywords, hashtags, images, visuals, and keep promoting your brand with a cherry on top!

    Happy tweeting, folks!


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