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As hybrid work models become more and more popular, it can be a bit tricky to bring the whole team together at once. Whether your team members work in-office Monday, Wednesday, or Friday or pick two days to work from home, they still deserve a catered lunch when they are in the office or working offsite. Plus, catered lunches encourage employees to come back into the office and promote even more collaboration. Thinking about catering Dallas, Columbus, or a team lunch anywhere else? Here are four ways you can implement team catering in a hybrid work environment.

Fine-Tune Your Food Spend Based on Usage

When only some of your team is working onsite, you can spend less on catered lunches, but it might seem hard to find restaurants that can accommodate the flexibility you need. Given the flexibility in your team’s work schedule, rigid minimums and flat fees required by some restaurants might not work. However, the best catering partners offer better ways to control your budget. Look for a company that has built relationships with local eateries to give you great deals and flexible options. Some days you’ll need five meals for your office. Others, you’ll need 30. With the right catering service, this won’t be a problem.

Find a Flexible Catering Service to Fit Your Needs

Traditional catering or cafeteria models don’t mesh well with the unique needs of a modern business. When you want to find restaurants catering team lunches that can meet your needs, you need additional options. Look for a service that provides flexibility for you, your team, and your business. Whether that is in delivery options, catering types, or even just the number of restaurants available, the more options, the better. The best catering sites give you the variety you need for a modern work schedule.

Order Meals that Promote Collaboration

Sometimes, there’s just no replacement for in-person collaboration. Certain projects need the power of a classic brainstorming session. Being in the same room with the rest of the team can be a catalyst for great ideas and can help get the ball rolling on the next project. While the team is coming up with solutions and ideas, they can enjoy a tasty meal too. Catering breakfast or lunch for your office can be a great way to promote more in-office attendance and give your team even more reasons to love working together in person. Whether you go with sandwich platters or individual burrito bowls, there are plenty of catering options that can make your team excited for their next day in the office.

Let Employees Pick Individually Packed Meals Themselves

With so many moving pieces in a hybrid office, managing your catering might seem daunting. Thankfully, the best catering partners take the difficulty out of the equation. Instead of the task being solely on your shoulders, you can offer your employees the chance to order their own meals. You just have to pick the restaurant, budget, and delivery details, and your team can handle the rest. They get exactly what they want, and you’re the one who gave them the choice. Whether you’re catering Lexington KY team lunches or somewhere else, the right partner can help bring the team together.

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