How to Handle Super Sacks Safely to Avoid Injuries

More companies today are using super sacks for pet food processing and feeds. That can save operators many hours while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. However, there are some potential hazards when using these bags. You should make sure that you have the right precautions when using super sack bags.

Precautions When Receiving Waste Management Bags

Waste management bags are durable, and they can carry as much as one to two tons. However, you might damage them with misuse or improper handling. By providing good handling instructions and taking precautions, you can keep the bags from breaking.

First, you should always inspect the bag when you receive it. Make sure that there is no damage in the bag. You should look at the handles and seams. That could prevent expenses resulting from product losses if the bag were to break.

You will also want to make sure that only a skilled forklift driver handles the construction bags. Ensure that your forklift has square or rounded tines instead of sharp edges to prevent it from ripping during unloading or loading. Many times, broken handles can cause the bag to fall, so ensure that your operator is careful during the loading process.

Make certain that you have a clear procedure in place. Instead of having the operator drive the tines to the handles, have your operator place the handles on the tines manually. Then the operator should drive forward to put the next set on. This might take a bit longer, but it can prevent the handles from breaking.

Discharging the Construction Bag

Instead of cutting the construction bag, have your operators untie it. Cutting the spout to discharge the bag might introduce more risk. It is also important to control dust and static.

If the materials in the bag are dry, there’s the risk of dust fire. You should control the dust, and the right method of doing this will depend on the facility, materials, and design of the bag. You might use a ventilation system, spout seal, or iris valve to control the dust.

If dust is an issue, a dust fire might occur. As the materials leave the bag, they can create static, and if the spark from static reaches the dust cloud, it might explode.

Choose the Right Supplier of Super Sack Bags

When you are using super sacks and other material bags, you want to take the right precautions. These tips will help you reduce costs and increase efficiency. It is equally important to choose the right supplier of material bags. Contact us today to learn more.


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