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How to Identify Causes of the Canon Printer Error Code 6C10?

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Each time you discover an error code in your printer, you must gather details on how it happens. Usually, the error codes indicate the issues that are bothering your printer from the inside. Regarding these emerging issues, they mostly represent that there has been blockage or damage due to interruption from foreign objects. Also, an error code includes several issues and causes that can be frustrating to deal with. Here, we have brought a range of methods for you to fix the issue, and you will find each of them equally effective. However, before trying the methods, we need to assemble the causes behind the error code.

How to find the reasons behind the Canon printer error code 6C10?

In your Canon printer, you will find an internal counter which is designed to track the number of pages that have been printed. It also examines how many times your printer has performed the cleanup process. Also, these counters are designed to count the level of ink that might have been accumulated in the printer. When the printer detects that the waste ink tank has become full, your printer halts the printing process and flashes the error message ‘Canon printer error 6C10’ instead. Now that we have run through the causes of the error code let’s check out the solutions mentioned below.

How to get rid of the Canon printer error code 6C10?

The Canon printers often display the status of waste ink tanks levels wrong. So, you will have to print more than usual with the help of the reset process. Here, we have gathered step-by-step instructions to fix the error code 6C10 problem.

Method 1: Cleaning the foam

In this method, you need to clean the foam, which is designed to absorb the waste ink. The method will help you get rid of the error code easily.

Step 1: In the first step, you need to open the printer cover, then wait for the cartridge carrier inside the printer to settle down at the center. After it has settled, a row of white rollers behind the carrier will be visible to you on the right side.

Step 2: In the second step, you have to clean the plastic. When you have located the rollers, you will see a small piece of plastic, which can be seen sticking out at the end of the rollers. Now you need to take a small piece of soft cloth or paper towel and perform the cleansing on the ink leaking through the plastic. Also, after you have cleaned the plastic properly, you have to clean the ink pad as well.

Step 3: In the third step, you need to clean the foam pad. To clean the foam, you need to check at the front of the plastic and look for the small square-shaped object, and you can see that it will look like a foam pad. That particular place is the exact spot where your printer accumulates the waste ink. Now use a paper towel or piece of soft cloth, then you need to press it into the foam pad. You have to press the towel against the pad and clean it until you see that the foam has stopped releasing the excess ink.

Step 4: In the last step, you have to restart your printer. After you have cleaned all the accumulated ink and foam pad, put everything back into the printer at its accurate position. Then plug your printer back in, and try to print a document to test if the error code occurs again.

Method 2: Reset the Ink Absorber

In this method, we have to learn how to restart the ink absorber only if the above method failed to work successfully to resolve the error code. Here are the steps on how to restart the ink absorber.

In the first step, you need to switch off your printer properly.

Then you have to press and hold the resume button and keep pressing the power button simultaneously. It will allow the green LED to blink up in your printer.

Now, while pressing the power button, you have to release the resume button.

Then you need to press the resume button approx two times and release both of the buttons at the same time.

Once you have released the buttons, press the resume button approx four times, then press the power button right after the resume button.

All of the above steps will help you reset the ink absorber counter in your printer. After you have attempted it, you have to unplug the printer and then connect it again.

The methods mentioned above will help your printer start working without any interruptions. If the error code is still displaying in your printer, you should contact Canon technical support help.

Visit: ij.start.canon

Source: https://ij-start-canon.directorycamp.com/how-to-identify-causes-of-the-canon-printer-error-code-6c10/


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