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Choosing the right marketing strategies is essential for a business’ growth. As we move towards the digital age, companies and businesses have started using multiple platforms on the internet to market their business. One of them is by partnering with a bulk SMS provider in India.

But how does a company go through the process of getting it set up, and then make it an effective strategy? Let’s look at some effective bulk SMS strategies that have proven to be helpful.

Proper Communication

Almost all the business has implemented an SMS strategy these days. But what is more important is to know how many of them are successful at it. When you research it, you will probably find that only the best companies have a good hold of the strategy.

This is because they have mastered the way they communicate in their messages. When you have better communication opportunities with your customers, your campaigns will be much more successful. Keep in mind that being in contact with customers is essential; otherwise, the chances of dissatisfaction are imminent.

Product Dispatch

For the manufacturing industry, dispatch messages can give them an extra edge over their competitors. Imagine a scenario where a customer has ordered something but is unaware of the whereabouts of the products. And the business they ordered from is not willing to help either.

A situation such as this will only lead to losing that customer. You must offer the customer a sense of security when they purchase a product or service from you. Otherwise, they will never come back to have business with you.

When you offer alerts such as, you build better connections with the consumer. Customers do not need to worry always about their products as they are being made aware of their whereabouts. Include Dispatch or delivery status messages in your bulk SMS strategy.

New Additions

Once a customer has had business with you, it is vital to keep them in contact to make sure they come back a second time. This can be done when you introduce new products to your business.

Use your SMS marketing strategies to make them aware of new products or services that can benefit them. You can also use this strategy when an old product gets restocked. Notifying the customer will build a better connection between the two.


Though it might look like a common thing to use, a lot of businesses still miss out on using these. It is always a great strategy to include bills and statements of the purchases that customers recently made on your website or online store.

Such alerts can be helpful for the consumer and the business. The consumer will stay aware of what they bought, and the business will gain trust from the consumer.


Another great way to get more conversions and users is to send alerts about new coupons and discounts on your website or store. Sending such alerts allows a business to keep the consumer interested in their business. As more interest develops, the chances of conversion increases.

Additionally, this is also a great gesture from the business towards customers as it shows that the business is active and interacts very well. And no one hates discounts; it is a double win for both sides.

Upcoming Sales

While sending coupons can be helpful, there are only a handful of times a business releases them. But sales are common, which offers a great opportunity for you to use services from an SMS marketing company to send alerts about the same to the consumer.


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