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You have arrived to the right location if you are seeking for the best possible way to import Windows Live Mail EML to Outlook and you wish to do so. You will discover the easiest method for importing emails from Windows Live Mail into Outlook here. If you want an immediate and helpful solution, you need to read the full text from beginning to end.

How to Import Windows Live Mail EML to Outlook?

You may already be aware of this, but if not, let me tell you that if you have an Outlook account, you may import EML files from Windows Live Mail or any other email account, including Gmail. As a result, you may effortlessly import all of your EML files into Outlook by using the drag-and-drop method.

However, you will need to import each of your files one at a time if you choose to use the drag-and-drop approach to import Windows Live Mail EML to Outlook. This is the one drawback to using this method. There is no such functionality available in Outlook to import a large number of EML files. However, if you would rather import a large number of EML files into Outlook at once, you will need to consider the following method.

An Amazing Way to Export Windows Live Mail Emails to Outlook

You can accomplish your objective with the aid of Windows Live Mail Converter. Yes, regardless of how many files you have, you can effortlessly import Windows Live Mail into Outlook. This tool requires very little of you and is entirely automated. With this toolkit, everything is straightforward, and you won't feel like you're performing your job. You must thus review some of the tool's wonderful features in order to understand how perfect it is.

Discover Some Functions of the Utility

  • Data Import in Mass: The tool's ability to bulk import Windows Live Mail EML to Outlook without any data restrictions is the major factor in our recommendation. This makes the application ideal because it is a requirement for all converters.
  • Manually Select Files: The tool allows you to control every step while still taking care of your convenience. So that you may only pick the WLM files that you want to import, it offers you the opportunity to select the EML files.
  • EML Preview Files: Do you realise that a programme that can open WLM EML files is required? So, this is the programme that can serve as the Assisted Program. Before importing the EML files into Outlook, you may use this programme to open and inspect them.
  • Selecting the Goal Path: The produced files don't have to be saved in application's default location. You are free to pick the place of your choosing, making it simple for you to find a totally different spot for them.

You shouldn't assume that these features are all there are; they are merely meant to give you an idea of what this tool can achieve. There are a tonne of features available that can assist you with a variety of tasks, but in order to learn about them, you must use the tool.

Step-by-step Procedure to Export Windows Live Mail to Outlook With the Utility

  • To export Windows Live Mail folders to Outlook, download, install, and run the utility.
  • After starting the utility, you can either select an account set by Windows Live Mail or manually select files.
  • Begin by accessing the files you wish to import into Outlook.
  • You may preview the files when you've uploaded them all to the tool.
  • Now, go to the Export tab and choose PST as your saving format.
  • Select a location to save the resultant files and then press the save button.

Once all of the files have been saved in PST format, you may import them all at once into Outlook.


It is no longer necessary to preserve the WLM EML files because you are now able to import them into Outlook; all you need is a solution that is appropriate for this purpose. Because of this, the programme that we provide is among the most effective ways to import Windows Live Mail EML to Outlook. And in order to have a fantastic import procedure, you to need to give it a shot.



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