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The hair transplant procedures are been considered the best treatment option for hair loss issue in the present times. The procedure is an elective one as people choose this procedure during the process of hair loss and visit us with varying grade of baldness.

A question that is very common among the hair loss sufferers seeking for hair transplant is that whether they can receive the immediate outcomes following hair transplant or not?

The answer to this question is definitely “No” as it is not at all possible to achieve the immediate outcomes following hair transplant procedure. Still the hair transplant procedure is well liked among the people from all across the globe as the outcomes you receive will be permanent and natural looking. The hair transplant procedure is definitely worth choosing for the hair loss solution as the outcomes are incredible.

Hair transplant in Delhi has been in limelight from more than a decade and the patients from all around the globe visit the city for the excellence in the field of hair transplant. Delhi has been long known for excellent medical services and the city has been gifted with few of the gem hair transplant surgeons. These hair transplant surgeons are world renowned and praised for their work hugely. Dr Suneet Soni is among the leading hair transplant surgeon across the globe that has been performing incredible hair transplant since more than a decade.

Hair transplant cost in Delhi has been very affordable as compared to other metro cities and definitely when compared to the global cost of the procedure despite the comparable international level of services available at few of the globally recognized hair transplant clinics.

At Medispa hair transplant clinic we offer the world class hair transplant surgery with the excellent facilities at an affordable cost. The standards we prefer to perform hair transplant are of international level and provide you a safe and remarkable hair transplant. Our exquisite team is one of the most experienced team of hair transplant across the country which is a perfect blend of professionalism and generosity.

Dr Suneet Soni is an innovator and look forward to bring forth the cutting edge technology in this field to produce the better outcomes. Thus, if you are seeking for a hair transplant surgeon and an exceptional artist who is perfect for the job then you have got it right, Dr Suneet Soni is the one!

Hair restoration surgery

Hair restoration surgery is performed by shifting the hair grafts from the donor area to the recipient bald site. The donor area refers to the area from where the hair grafts are harvested and is chosen based on the residence of the permanent hair roots. The common donor areas selected for the harvesting is the back and sides of the head. 

Hair growth concept after hair restoration

Now come to the hair growth following hair transplant which is definitely not happening immediately after the hair transplant. We all know that our existing hair grow at a certain rate and follow a hair growth cycle. Similarly, the transplanted hairs are no different as the procedure uses your own hair which follows the similar hair growth pattern. After few days of hair transplant the transplanted hair undergo shedding which is good news but looks disappointing. Following the hair shedding there comes a rest phase after which the hair growth initiates. 

After 3 months of the procedure you would observe in growing hairs that would be like exciting and averagely after 6 months a good amount of hair growth could be seen. It takes approximately a year to appreciate the complete hair growth when you can determine the success or failure of the procedure.

The hair growth depends and varies from individual to individual so these timelines could vary as per the individual so don’t get disappointed if you don’t find it according to the plan.

Every patient looks for the faster hair growth after hair transplant which is possible but to a certain extent. Thus, you should be patient while waiting for the hair transplant outcomes and if you have chosen the right hair transplant surgeon then the results are going to be perfect for sure.

How to improve the hair growth rate after hair restoration?

The hair restoration procedure as stated above follows the similar cycle of hair growth as existing hair. So things which work for the faster hair growth of the natural hair would work for it too. Thus, you need not put any extra effort or maintenance to make the procedure work as the transplanted hairs are your own. Let’s see the ways to improve the hair growth of the transplanted hair:

  • Eat right: Eating a healthy balance diet would be a good thing for the faster hair growth. Eat food rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron which is needed for the hair growth. 
  • Stay calm and maintain good lifestyle: Staying stress free is good for your whole body thus maintaining a good lifestyle and sleep pattern would be good for your hair too. So relax and wait for the outcomes and do not stress.
  • PRP therapy at its best: The PRP therapy has been introduced with the vision of faster healing and faster hair growth. Since then the procedure is been widely practised as the outcomes are definitely appreciable. 


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