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A modern technology artificial intelligence that every industry can enjoy. Along with the influential marketing industry, various marketing sectors are now trying to join AI. With the skill of providing detailed and accurate results in a matter of seconds, AIs address the needs of different businesses. AI is present at almost all stages of modern influential marketing campaigns. From finding influential people to evaluating their marketing thinking. We will show you how AI is already meant for effective marketing and an effective promotion will not work perfectly without human help.




Simply put, artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is a technology that enables machines to act like humans and respond to specific situations. Based on specific parameters, data points, or triggers, AIs can interpret and perform individual marketing processes automatically and without human supervision. 

In influencer marketing, AIs automate the manual work behind influencer selection, communication, and communication. They enable marketers to schedule social media posts in advance and reach thousands of users, including personalized messages via email.

These also provide the creative techniques behind the influencer content. AIs are used not only to ease effective marketing processes but also to optimize effective advertising performance and opportunities.




Influencer search

One of the advantages of using AI in influencer marketing is its scalability. With just a few clicks, you can filter thousands of influencers by category by country, interest, and number of followers.

It saves you time and resources that you can use for more important work. Even more advanced AI can determine the personality traits of influencers.

He can do this based on his latest 22,000-word analysis which he has published on all social media platforms. When an influencer mentions a brand or product, AI will see that the comment is positive, negative, or neutral. Also, AI can detect disrespectful content or past scams that could damage your brand image. It determines how your brand should be presented or what is wrong with your content.

Relevant content

Are you having a hard time deciding which content to use for your effective promotion? AIO can help you with this. You can analyze millions of online images and videos in a matter of seconds. They can also identify specific features such as brand logos, products, or people and their facial features in images.

They can analyze the feelings of the comments and see what kind of content resonates with your audience. As a result, it allows you to create valuable and interesting content that will help you create more engagement.

AIs show you where or on what platform you publish content related to your brand or product. This information will help you determine the specific platform.


Determining the influencer's performance


AI can analyze the contributions of influencers and estimate their performance according to your goals. For example, if you want to increase sales, AIs can help you see impressive sales from other brands.

 They can also show you the promise of his previous contributions. This data will help you determine if you can effectively achieve your promotion goals.


Predicting the cost to the influencer


Influencer marketing is one of the most difficult things to consider when starting an effective marketing campaign. Such as content type, reach, engagement, duration of the promotion, and right to use. You can do this quickly and precisely by applying artificial intelligence to your influential promotion.


AIs are capable of collecting and analyzing data from many influencers. Such as their spend, traffic, views, clicks, content, and mood of followers. From these data they can predict how much you will have to pay the influencer to work with your brand.


Human vs. machine

Artificial intelligence certainly has many advantages. AIs are very accurate and can speed up the ability to analyze data faster than a human. Yet, influencer marketing is not just about analytics and programming. AIs may be able to tell you which influencers can perform best but they still can’t run and manage campaigns.


They can’t bargain for a deal for your brand or see that everything was budgeted on time. Effective marketing requires human interaction. People want engagement and a real connection that AI alone cannot provide. Despite the many limitations of artificial intelligence, there is no denying how helpful it can be for any advertising.


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