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Bigcommerce has continued to gain popularity for online businesses since it has so many functions and stunning features. If you’re looking to start your own Bigcommerce website, you’ll need Bigcommerce SEO services, site optimization, and some interesting tricks that make your site easy to use and encourage purchases. Here are some ways to improve your Bigcommerce sites.

Optimize Your SEO
What’s great about Bigcommerce is that the site has a lot of built-in SEO-optimized storefront templates. But there is a lot more you can do to improve your SEO. This includes using Google Analytics to monitor statistics, make some on-site changes that make the site easier to navigate, and add Google-optimized content. If you are unsure where to start, check out Genius Ecommerce for advanced Bigcommerce SEO services that will get your site in front of more eyes online.

Utilize Videos
It’s common to see photos all over Bigcommerce stores. But something a lot of people underutilize are videos. Videos can show your products in action, whether it’s a heartwarming video that sets the mood or an instructional or informative video that helps people understand them a bit more. Videos can help stores reach the front page of Google and are proven to help boost conversions, even if they’re just 30 to 60 seconds.

Post-Purchase Tricks
A lot of people focus on store optimization that encourages people to make purchases. But sometimes the best way to get purchases is by targeting customers who have already bought things on your site. With existing customers you have a 70% chance of converting. Luckily, Bigcommerce has some features that can encourage customers to return:

  • Easy Upsell: This allows you to run A/B testing, creating upsell triggers on purchases
  • Klaviyo: Email marketing will inspire customers to return after their previous purchase
  • Native Upsell: This feature triggers upsells for specific situations, picking and choosing which customers will see it

Product Reviews
Nothing makes your products more trustworthy than authentic customer reviews. It’s been proven that 92% of customers read reviews and 88% consider them as powerful as a personal recommendation. Displaying product reviews can increase conversation rates by 30% so definitely let people leave public reviews. You can encourage more reviews by asking for feedback in emails and on social media.

User-Generated Content
Similar to reviews, seeing products in action or seeing other people genuinely excited about the product can increase sales. Create campaigns and contests on social media that encourage people to share their photos and videos. Social media shoutouts are also impactful. Use positive videos and other content on your site. The more real photos and content you have, the more trusted you will be.

How to gather user-generated content:

  • Run contests
  • Use social media tools like Snapwidget

Put Effort into Emails
When someone purchases a product, that’s not the end! You can encourage loyalty with post-purchase emails. These emails should ask for a product review, ask them to join a loyalty program, or even genuinely thank them. The more authentic the email is the better. Showing that you don’t just automatically send out spam emails will win you points with customers. Offering exclusive deals to people on your email list is another great incentive.

Optimize Checkout
If the checkout process is frustrating, you can lose customers — even ones that had something in their cart. Minimize problems and make the process smooth as possible. Some common reasons that customers cancel their purchase is high shipping rates, not wanting to create an account, and the checkout process taking too long. The best way to make checkout painless is to make it efficient and friendly. Provide as many payment options as possible.

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