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As a subscription-based business, the key to sustainable growth is providing value to your customers. That way, they always want to renew their subscription and keep using your service or products. One way to provide value is through bundled offerings. There are many ways to bundle your subscriptions, but it should always be done with the customer in mind. How are you providing more bang for their buck? Does this bundle give them more of what they want? Here are three ideas for bundles that can provide more value to your customers with the help of the right subscription management platform.

Bundles that Enhance Your Product

Enhancing bundles are like visiting a restaurant that provides their sauce and seasoning options on your table. It allows you to make the main course fit your exact taste. Similarly, you can offer a subscription bundle that includes services or products that may not warrant an entire subscription on their own but work great as add-ons and bonuses to your primary subscription offerings.

Take the example of a pet food subscription service. The main reason customers would subscribe is to get food for their pet delivered to their home. In this case, your business could start offering a $5 add-on of vitamins to mix in with the kibble. Customers can even choose from a wide range of benefits and flavors to enhance their furry friend’s dinner. These types of bundles help customers easily see the added benefits that enhance their subscription.

Offer Combined Services for a Bundle Full of Value

A bundle of combined services is like wrapping up different subscription options into one offering. This is closer to an all-you-can-eat buffet. You get every course for one price. A bundle like this provides value in multiple ways. Firstly, your subscribers don’t have to deal with many different payments or accounts. Secondly, they can enjoy a variety of subscription benefits at a lower price than if they were to sign up for them all individually.

To continue with the pet food company example, it would look like this: The pet food company partners with a dog walking business and a grooming salon to offer three services in one discounted package. Each business gains new subscribers from different yet related markets. Plus, the subscribers get to enjoy the benefits of all three services.

Adjacent Bundles

Reducing churn can be a benefit of bundling services. “Churn” is the rate at which you lose subscribers, and adjacent bundles can help improve the results of your churn rate formula as your business grows. Adjacent bundles provide extra value by allowing customers to get services and products that might not be obviously related but can still enhance their daily lives.

If the parent company of the pet food brand also owns a meal prep service for humans, offering a bundled subscription of both services would qualify as an adjacent bundle. These two subscriptions operate in two different industries, but many pet owners might see the value in combining the two services, especially if they already use one and are interested in trying the other.

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