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How to increase the security of your company's data in times of home office

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There are several procedures that can be adopted to minimize the risks of virtual threats. With the intention of helping your business to be more successful with remote work , we will explain some useful measures to combat hacker actions. Follow us!

Create a Home Office security policy

For a company to show that it has a great concern with data security, the first step is to develop a policy with initiatives aimed at minimizing the risk of leaks and theft of corporate information.

This policy must be available to all employees and must contain very clear guidelines. In this way, employees, including those in the home office, will have a reference on how to proceed to prevent digital crimes.   

Train your team

A good home office data security policy needs to get off the ground. This only becomes viable when employees are trained to follow best practices to avoid cybercriminals' actions.

It is also necessary to have a schedule aimed at periodic training. This way, employees will have up-to-date information, which is very important for the IT environment to be more protected.

Logically, it is recommended to offer content that is in line with the corporate data protection policy. This is essential for training to achieve results within expectations.

A network engineer is required to have the necessary skills to plan, implement and oversee the computer networks that support in-house voice, data, videos and wireless network services.

Invest in technology

Even if employees are well aware of what to do to minimize the risk of data loss, strategic technology investment is crucial. This activity significantly contributes to corporate systems achieving a high level of protection.

Therefore, it is recommended to have firewalls, antivirus and other mechanisms that hinder the actions of cybercriminals. If there is no focus on investments in information security, a company will be more at risk of suffering virtual attacks, which can cause financial and image losses.

Provide good antivirus

Having trained employees and investing in IT solutions are vital steps to increase data security. However, it is essential to have resources that provide excellent results against attempts to steal institutional information.

To reduce the chances of a company being a victim of cybercriminals, a good alternative is to make state-of-the-art antivirus available to employees. It is also relevant that this resource is of excellent quality and provides less risk to those who work in the home office.   

Invest in cloud solutions

Cloud computing is a technology increasingly used by corporations. One reason is that it has a good performance in data security. For structural and financial reasons, many companies have chosen to outsource investments in IT infrastructure.

This practice not only makes it possible to reduce equipment and labor costs, but also helps to have more efficient mechanisms against virtual threats. These benefits undoubtedly show how valid it is to think about options that make IT more strategic in the current situation.

Count on Cloud Backup Solutions

The more alternatives a company has to preserve data, the lower the risk of being held hostage by hackers. Currently, ransomware is one of the most feared cybercrimes at the moment, because it requires the payment of ransom for victims to have the information back.

With the practice of cloud backup , a company considerably reduces the chances of being a victim of this cyber threat. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully analyze the use of solutions that allow the creation of backup copies in the cloud.

Keep employees' operating systems up to date

Technological advancement occupies a prominent position in the corporate world and this is reflected in the need to modernize operating systems in the workplace. In addition to having new tools to improve the quality of services, updating software is essential to increase data security.


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