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Pajamas, PJs, jammies, sleepwear, sleeper sets—no matter what you call it, you may not always think of your nightwear as an opportunity to add elegance to your wardrobe. While you want your pajamas to be comfortable, soft, and easy to put on at the end of the day, you can still improve your options. The first step to elevating your PJ experience is to ensure your pajamas are unique and stylish and feel soft against your skin. Once you find chic pajamas with comfortable materials, use the following suggestions to raise the bar on your PJ wearing experience.

Dress in Shorts Sets During Spring and Summer

Pajama pants sets are ideal for winter, but pajama shorts sets are for spring and summer. Shorts sets can feature your favorite prints, patterns, and materials, but the length of the bottoms makes things feel fresh and fun. Having multiple PJ shorts sets is perfect for the warm weekends when you want to stay in your pajamas all day as the house heats up. Once the air conditioning turns on at night, you can still crawl under a blanket for added warmth, comfort, and coziness.

Wear Monogrammed Pajamas

One of the most straightforward strategies to elevate your pajama game is to shop for pajamas you can order with a monogram on the pocket. It will look super chic, even if you’re just going to the kitchen for a glass of water (or a mimosa). Another way to rock monogrammed pajamas is to find an artistic print in adult and children sizes. That way, you can match your kids with elegant, high-quality jammies, which is a current trend, and it doesn’t have to be a holiday to enjoy it.

Use Pajamas as Loungewear

If you work from home or want to harness your inner mid-century modern socialite, don’t be afraid to wear a pretty pajama set as loungewear. Whether summer or winter, you can continue to delight in the comfort and style of matching pajama sets from morning to night. Look for creative prints and timeless styles that spark your imagination, align with your interests, or make you feel like a regular visitor to a house in the Hamptons. Plus, the button-down front is excellent for postpartum and nursing people who need the oomph of luxury pajamas during maternity leave.

Pajamas are an everyday elegance, and it might be time to elevate your PJs with a chic pajama shorts set, monogrammed pajamas, or even a stylish pajama set that matches your mini-me. Sleepwear used to be strictly for nighttime, but now it’s another way to show off your style, whether you’re going to bed, working from home, dropping the kids off at school, or picking up a coffee from your favorite shop. While you can always mix and match your pajamas, there’s something you can say about pajama sets, and it’s that they always elevate the situation.

About Katie Kime

Katie Kime delivers prints and personalizations that will encourage you to celebrate the vibrant world around you. With matching family pajamas, rich wallpaper, novel home décor, and other artistic offerings, the Katie Kime brand emulates what Katie Kime the artist is passionate about, which is reminding you that you are living, doing, and creating beautiful things. You can take a trip to popular U.S. destinations with the signature city toile and get to know the artist behind the brand through the color, whimsy, and humor instilled in every design for the Katie Kime brand. Inspiring you to live a life full of adventures, textures, and colors, Katie Kime makes it easy to love your home and take pleasure in every moment you live inside of it.

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