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If you ask any woman what is one of the most important qualities that they want in their ideal soul mate, you’ll find that one of the most common answers will be something along the lines of having a man who is fun and interesting.

Girls just want to have fun, and so do women. If this is true, why shouldn’t it also apply for men as well? Guys want to be around a woman who is fun and interesting just as much as women want to be around a man who exudes these enviable qualities.

There’s no way around it since we all love being entertained and intrigued by other human beings.

So ladies, if you want to really know how to keep a man interested in you, here’s a great love tip:

Be fun and interesting.

How can you become more fun and interesting to a man? Here are a few love tips to get you moving in the right direction:

1. Love Yourself

Accepting who you are as a woman and loving yourself completely, even the flaws, can have an incredible impact on how a man will view you. Since when you deeply love yourself, you cannot help but to broadcast that love to others, and it becomes quite infectious.

Forgive yourself of bad choices you’ve made, and let go… REALLY let go of the bad relationships you’ve been in. You are not the product of a bad relationship or breakup unless you CHOOSE to be. Think of it this way, men LOVE women that can quickly pick themselves up from emotional disasters.

This one idea is HUGE to keeping a guy’s interest, since it will be unique for any man to find a woman who has a great degree of self-control when it comes to properly managing her emotions.

2. Be Independent

An independent woman is not one who thinks that she doesn’t need a man, but she’s the kind of woman who has created a life of happiness and fulfillment apart from a man. This simply means that an independent woman has a life of her own that she loves, and she isn’t reliant on a man for personal joy and fulfillment.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and challenge his opinion. Remember though, it’s not what you do that necessarily makes the difference; it’s how you do it. But in the end, the RIGHT GUY will respect you if you are sincere and honest about your opinions about people, places, and things.

Be real.

Also, do more of the things that you truly love to do as a person. Pick up interesting hobbies that excite you, and make new friends along the way. The more you fill your life with fun and interesting things that fill you with passion, the easier it will become for you to hold the interest of the RIGHT GUY.

3. Stay Stunning

The stunning woman is the one who can still wow a man with her beauty. This isn’t about a woman’s age or physical measurements, but it’s more about the way a woman uses what she already possesses to captivate a man’s senses.

Try changing up your style and wardrobe to better bring out your best physical features and natural beauty. Develop your feminine gracefulness and learn what female traits and body language are more likely to captivate a man’s interest.

Stay healthy and develop an interest in good health and well-being. Try experimenting with perfumes and clothing that make you feel sexy and desirable. Do so not only to please him, but to improve your own self-confidence and personal happiness.

This is a sure way to keep a guy interested in you for the long-term, since men love to be with a woman who makes an effort to make herself physically irresistible.

4. Get Interested

If you can become genuinely interested in your guy, you’re on the right path.

If for some reason you fail to use any of the other three love tips, you cannot fail to use this one if you want to keep a man interested in you. This single idea can keep a guy magnetized to you simply because you’ll be deeply interested in his most favorite thing in the world…..himself.

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Men love it when a woman takes a natural and genuine interest in their lives. A man loves to have his ego stroked with the idea of having a woman take an interest in his success, his dreams, his family, and his life in general. This is quite natural and it’s quite okay.

It’s an easy love tip to understand simply because we are all human beings who crave attention. We all desire to be understood by other human beings. And when we find that one person who just “gets us”, we’ll cling to them like there is no tomorrow.

So try to learn what makes your guy tick. Take an interest in him simply by listening to him. Allow him to talk about himself by asking him interesting questions about himself. And as your natural interest in him makes you more interesting and harmonious, he’ll begin wanting to spend more and more time with you before you even realize it.



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