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You can still use Windows XP on your computer, and it will work just fine, but since Microsoft doesn’t provide security updates for XP, your computer can be vulnerable to security risks. We will show how you can keep using Windows XP on your computer while also ensuring top-notch security. You can use a third-party security utility on Windows XP to keep your computer safe from modern computer cyber-security threats. You should also use an advanced browser that can protect your privacy when you surf the internet. This article will discuss how you can keep using the Windows XP operating system on your computer without making it insecure.

Let’s get started.

Keep Using Windows XP Securely and Effectively

Step 1: Use a Third-Party Security Utility

You should know that Microsoft stopped security updates for Windows XP in 2015. So the Windows XP security program is not efficient against modern viruses and internet attacks. You have to use a modern antivirus or the latest security software on your computer to protect against ongoing viruses. Microsoft’s built-in security program can stop only older computer security risks, but it will fail awkwardly if any modern viruses attack your computer. Therefore, it is a recommendation to download any antivirus that you think can protect your PC from emerging cyber-attacks and viruses. Once you do that, you should pay attention to the next step that you have to perform.

Step 2: Keep Your Apps Up to Date

Any third-party application installed on your XP-powered computer must be up to date every time a new update is available. Updating applications to the latest version will help you secure your device from major security issues. It will also give you a new experience and features.

Step 3: Download and Install DriverFix

Driver fix is a third-party utility that automatically scans your computer for outdated device drivers and computer applications. Whenever it finds outdated or old programs on your computer, it automatically updates them with the best possible update. This is a must utility if you wish to keep using XP effectively without any downgrade in performance and experience. The most crucial thing that it does to your computer is to find corrupted and outdated drivers and update them automatically.

Without up-to-date drivers, your computer will not function properly, and you can also experience error codes on your computer. So, make sure to install and run this utility on your computer if you wish to keep running XP on your computer safely.

Step 4: Use a Better Browser

The built-in web browser of Windows XP is outdated and will not perform well with the current internet atmosphere. You won’t be able to use many online applications and websites on Windows XP’s browser. Furthermore, the Windows XP browser is not capable of securing you from insecure links and websites. You should download and use the latest Google Chrome or another better browser. Opera Mini is also a good browser that you can download to your device.

Step 5: Use a Secure User Account

You should also ensure that you secure your user account with methods like passwords and other security methods. You must also know that you must not always log in with the admin account on your computer. It enhances the security risks and makes your important data vulnerable to viruses and ransomware.

You must create a standard user account for yourself, even if you are the admin of your computer. With the standard account, you can use your computer for normal activities like playing games, watching movies, and normal internet surfing. Whenever you need to perform a critical and risk-involved task, like internet banking, office work management, and others, you must use the admin account, which doesn’t have third-party untrusted softwares.

The best thing that we love in Windows is that it has different apps and data for different user accounts. The files in your standard account cannot affect your admin account data, and that is why you should use a standard account for basic computer tasks.

Last Words

The tips we have shared in this article will help you keep using Microsoft Windows XP on your computer without any security and other problems. We hope you have enjoyed this guide, and we are glad to see you here with us. 

Source :-  https://oliviajohn3399.wordpress.com/2021/08/31/how-to-keep-using-windows-xp-for-a-lifetime/


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