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Summers are here, and for people who do not mind the extra sunlight, it is a happy time of the year. Although, summers also bring the extra heat that can make the house fill a little stuffy. Because of this heat, a number of Flats in Jaipur come with built-in central air conditioning. However, not only does that increase the electricity bill for our homes, but it also is contributing to the overall warming of the earth, thus affecting the climate as well. 

So what can we do cool our houses without hurting the earth and without burning too much cash? It is simple and can be done with a few simple steps as follows.

Here Are Some Cost-Effective Way To Cool The House:

  • Dehumidify

Humidity does the job of intensifying the already present heat, while also decreasing the evaporation of your sweat. The best way to counter the heat is to take care of the humidity in an area. A dehumidifier instead of an AC might be an affordable and effective way.

  • Reflecting Sunlight

Direct sunlight can and will increase the temperature of the house. Thick curtains and reflective windows may be a great idea to keep the sunlight out of the house.

  • Lights Off

Lights are based on the excitation of the gas particles inside them. Needless to say that this can produce heat and increase the temperature around the light significantly. Instead of replacing a bulb or a light, the better option would be to switch the light off when it is not in use.

  • Doors

Doors can not only keep the heat out of a room, but can also trap the cool air inside a room as well. If your room is cool through the day, make sure that you keep the door shut as much as possible.

  • Cook Smart

You cannot cook anything without heat, but that necessarily does not have to add up to the temperature of the home you live in. Try to cook during the cool hours of the day, make use of your chimneys and exhaust fans, or try to cook out in the backyard if you can.

  • Cross Ventilation

One of the most important tips for keeping the house cool is to let the air move in and out freely through your space. Cross ventilation does the job rather effectively. Most of the Affordable Flats in Jaipur come with windows and balconies integrated into the house and can be used for cross ventilation easily. Open the windows or the balcony doors on the opposite ends and let the air move around.

  • Pull The Plug On Unused Appliances

Summers also mean vacations for children and they can often leave their games and TVs running. Appliances, especially the ones that perform on a high level produce heat. It is better to unplug these appliances if they are not being used at any point of the day.

  • Let the Night Air in

Nights are cooler in summer and often bring a gentle breeze with them. You can try letting the air in at night time to make the air inside cooler so it is not as stuffy at night time. Of course, security and keeping the mosquitoes out is also important, so installing grills and nets beforehand may be a good idea.

Apart from these, hacks, like dampening the curtains and putting an ice bucket in front of the fan, can also work to create cooler air inside the house. They may not be viable alternatives of the AC, but that is how people used to do things before ACs even came into existence.


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