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Making sure your pets are safe while working on projects around your home is an integral part of being a pet owner. Depending on the task, you have to decide where to keep your pet, what they need access to, and whether you want to keep them calm or entertained. Every pet deserves careful consideration of their nerves and energy levels. Whether you’re changing an interior door, installing batt insulation, or making some changes to the front or backyard, there are easy ways to keep your pets safe.

Planning for Interior Projects

Interior home improvement projects might have you planning to keep your pet in other, safer quarters. Let’s say you’re changing the stair treads in your home. It’s an all-day project, and you put a lot of thought into selecting your new stair treads. You can leave smaller animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and reptiles in their regular pen since they don’t usually get to roam freely around the home anyway.

For larger animals, including cats and dogs, you could consider indoor kennels or crates or outdoor galvanized dog kennels. Keeping your dogs in a large kennel outside isn’t bad as long as the weather allows for it. They can have access to water and free space to move around. If you have a separate area in the home, you can use an old-fashioned dog gate or even a baby gate to keep them contained and away from potentially dangerous tools and materials. Whichever you choose, with the pets contained, you can work without issue and get the job done in no time.

Pets and Outdoor Projects

If you’re working outside your home, you have a few options for your pets. Cats are simple. You can leave them inside with their food, water bowl, and a litter box. On the other hand, your dog might not be trained to stay outside with you while you do yard work or install stone veneer panels. Before you set that first stone veneer panel on the exterior wall of your home, you might want to consider in-ground pet systems or outdoor pet barriers.

These containment systems help keep four-legged friends within a designated perimeter and away from unsafe spaces or your work area. You can set a fence or perimeter around the entire yard or just a designated space away from your work area. That way, your pet can still access their toys and ample play space without getting too close to your materials or tools.

It’s important to have options beyond keeping them confined because you’ll have to let your dog out for bathroom breaks and activities. If you feel comfortable having your pet nearby, you can always use a simple tie-down to keep them nearby for company.

Regardless of the home improvement project, you want to keep your pets in a safe environment. Even simple tasks like sealing bathroom hardware with Flex Paste could be hazardous for your pet. With options for both indoor and outdoor settings, you and your four-legged friend will have an uncomplicated home improvement experience. Some home improvement supply stores might offer the pet supplies you need to help you feel more confident about working on the next big project.

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