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Reservoir is a neighbourhood in Victoria, just ten to fifteen minutes from Melbourne's central business district. It is considered one of the fastest-growing suburbs north of the city, with access to public transportation, cafes and eateries, and other modern conveniences. But it retains its small village charm, which means you still find mom-and-pop stores here. In addition, the area is close to Preston with its lively nightlife, the tofu belt connecting Fitzroy, Thornbury, and Northcote, and just ten minutes from the Darebin Creek Reserve for hiking and trekking. So, it is no wonder that a property for sale in Reservoir is in high demand from buyers.

If you have a real estate in Reservoir and looking to move, the next step is finding a realtor to get the most out of your home at the least disruption to your daily life.
But how do you know that you have found the right real estate agent? Here are some of the attributes you need to look out for:

1. Transparent — Some real estate agents take offence when the client asks for details about the selling process for their property for sale in Reservoir. They consider it annoying as they expect their customers to trust them fully. However, you should expect integrity and honesty from your agent, which means they have to explain their marketing strategy, updates about the listing, the possible hindrances to the sale, and even their rates.

2. Problem solver — The real estate in Reservoir has been affected by global events. But the slow down is also authentic with the overall situation in Sydney and Melbourne, where property values are declining. However, the real estate agents should not make excuses when you set your price for your house. Instead of justification and rationalization, the agent must find ways to meet your price point, or at least closest to it, even with the unfavourable market conditions. So, the agent must be tenacious to tear down all the roadblocks along the way and not just give you one excuse after another.

3. Experience — A real estate company with years of expertise trumps a neophyte agent every time. It's not only about the knowledge about the industry but also how to handle all types of customers. For instance, someone who has worked in real estate for twenty years has encountered all possible situations and has been through the worst crises. There is no problem that an experienced agent cannot address.

4. Expertise — The agent's knowledge must go beyond the standard listings because anyone can go on the Internet to find property for sale in Reservoir. Competence also harkens back to experience because the agent was forged by fire. For instance, an experienced agent has developed a vast network that they can access to find a potential buyer amid the slowdown in the property market. This way, you do not have to wait long for someone to purchase your house, especially if you are raring to move out.

5. Responsive — The agent must exercise patience when answering your questions about your property for sale in Reservoir. You must have plenty of misgivings and doubts, especially if this is your first sale. So, you want an answer at a reasonable time frame if you shoot the agent a message or call them by phone. Getting a callback 2-3 days after asking your question is unacceptable. With that said, it's also unreasonable to demand a response every hour. Please understand that they also have a job to do, so prepare your questions carefully and email them so the agent can answer each one in one sitting.

6. Results-driven — In the end, real estate agents are assessed by their track record. They must be prepared to show portfolio proof, so you know what to anticipate. You could also do your bit by researching the real estate agent's background. The critical test is whether they are willing to provide you with the contact information for their prior clients so you can chat about their experiences with the realtor.

7. Friendly — Even if the agent can deliver the results that meet your expectations, you want the entire process to be as enjoyable as possible. Regardless of their work ethic or the results, the thing that will stand out is your experience with them. Meanwhile, you will look forward to meeting your agent when they have a great attitude. So, the agent must be accommodating, courteous, and take all your calls and visit with a smile.

If you want to list your property for sale in Reservoir, you now know what to look for in a real estate agent to make the process as seamless as possible. Your choice will spell the difference between an enjoyable and a stressful experience.


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