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How To Know It Is Time To Get Your Pool Equipment Repaired?

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Maintaining a pool is so much beyond the pool’s shell and cover and, naturally, most pool owners don’t know how complicated the whole installation process is. As spectacular as a pool looks superficially, the core is constructed using various types of equipment that include, a pool pump, pool filters, pool heaters (gas, electric, solar), and other chemical feeders and purifiers such as tablet chlorinators, feeders, and floaters, and saltwater chlorine generators. All the pieces of equipment require maintenance and timely repair to avoid a total collapse and to ensure the proper functioning of the pool.

So, here, we have discussed different types of pool equipment along with the issues that they may face over time. This will help you know when it’s time for pool equipment repair. So, let’s take a look.

Pool Pumps

A pool pump is a crucial part of the functioning of your pool as it helps to move water through other parts of the system. You should get an experienced professional to repair the pump if you notice any water logging around the pump, or if the pump makes weird noises.

Pool Filters

Pool filters are crucial in removing the millions of visible and invisible particles; otherwise, the pool would turn cloudy and dirty. Pressure issues, tank failure, and leaking multi-port valves are indicators of pool filter damage.

Pool Heaters

There are 3 kinds of pool heaters, Gas heaters, Solar heaters, and Pool heat pumps. Pool heaters need to be repaired if there are sudden shutdowns or if there is inconsistent heating. Installation of pool heaters requires electrical arrangement and can be very dangerous if not repaired with professional care.

Pool Cleaning Equipment

Pool sanitization can be maintained through automatic pool cleaners or by using manual pool cleaning tools like pool vacuums. These tools collect dirt, leaves, bugs, algae, bacteria, and other germs too. These types of electrical equipment will need timely repair if they are not functioning properly.

Why Trust Professionals for Pool Equipment Repair

Who doesn’t want to have a well-maintained pool? Most people love to spend a relaxing evening lounging beside the sparkling pool on a weekend? However, maintaining a pool is a tough job. People don’t have the time, tools, or the expertise to fix their pool equipment, and DIYing it by watching a YouTube video is not a good idea. Improper knowledge of the right tools and equipment installed can ruin the health of your pool. Hiring a professional for the job can save thousands you invested in your pool.

Since you don’t have the expertise, you might end up missing some critical aspects of pool repair. This can be a complicated task as systems can vary from one pool to another. The companies that offer pool equipment repair services are specialists and can detect the cause of the problem more precisely.

The pools have electrical equipment installed too and the combination of water and electricity is one not to mess with. There are pool heaters, pool lighting, and other equipment that run through electricity. If not treated professionally, it can electrocute you. So, it is important to be overly cautious with this aspect of pool repair. Professional repairs provide you with peace of mind from dealing with the complications of pool repair failure and save you your time and money as well.


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